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When it was announced that the Finnish thrash metal band Lost Society was going to play next year’s edition of Copenhell, the tag-words attached to the band made it impossible for me not to be just a little intrigued. Therefore, I decided to jump headfirst into the group’s latest album, with no other impressions of the band’s back-catalogue. Lost Society’s third album, entitled “Braindead”, surely is thrash, but it also draws heavily on crossover acts such as Suicidal Tendencies and Nuclear Assault, making “Braindead” a pretty fun record to listen to.

When the first song, “I am the Antidote”, kicks off, the band sounds a lot like Hatebreed trying to play Slayer, rather than they the ferocious thrash band they’re made out to be. The groove is slow and tight while another guitar plays the melodic lead, initially sounding like a “South of Heaven” cover. There’s some nice guitar work in the middle of the song, but otherwise it simply overstays its welcome at 6+ minutes and ultimately ends up a rather boring listen. Luckily, the album’s longest song, “Only (My) Death is Certain”, which clocks in at more than eight minutes, is better and has its length working in its favor instead of spoiling it. With long, melodic guitar notes warning the song’s coming for a little more than a minute, the song suddenly evolves into a heavy voyage that takes the listener into familiar hardcore-territory, where a gang of male vocals call out: ”I’ve been fading away // creating my own disaster”. The song’s length allows the band to flesh out and include several ideas and tempo changes into one song, which works a lot better than most of the other material present on the album.

Throughout most of the album, the band presents decent courses of groovy thrash metal songs with plenty of guitar solos and gang vocals — some working better than others. “Riot” will have you making awkward, slow jumps in the mosh-pit while waiting for the song to pick up speed (it never does), but luckily, “Mad Torture” then makes up for it with its blend of fast thrash and excellently timed melodic guitar breaks. However, the album-closer “P.S.T.88” (a Pantera cover) sees the band reach rock bottom. Admittedly, the song wasn’t very good in the first place (it comes from a place far beyond what most people know Pantera to be), but the vocals presented on Lost Society’s version are absolutely grating when Samy Elbanna yells, ”pussy tiiiiiiiiight” near the end.

Lost Society’s new album is a mixed bag, thus. It features some great songs every now and then, but it also reaches a point way too often, where it just gets boring. Musically the band does a good job at switching between genres, and especially the guitars work really well most of the time. Ultimately, “Braindead” is a decent album that’s a lot of fun to listen to, but it’s also just too forgettable. With few exceptions, the band works best when delivering fast, thrashy metal songs that rely less on groove and atmosphere, and more on relentless thrash riffs, skins and solos.


Download: Mad Torture, Hangover Activator, Only (My) Death is Certain
For the fans of: Anthrax, Hatebreed, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Suicidal Tendencies
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Release date 12.02.2016
Nuclear Blast

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