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More Than Me

Written by: MAK on 15/12/2016 17:34:11

In the build-up to their latest release, “More Than Me”, Brighton, United Kingdom-based pop-punks Six Time Champion spent some time off the radar following some member changes. For about nine months, the quintet has used their time to write new material and get used to a line-up, which is now completed by the additions of guitarist Hus Hodja (who replaced Will Smithers) and Bassist Steve Isted (who stepped in for Nathan Styloshkv).

The most notable thing from listening to “More Than Me” is how many stereotypical features of pop-punk bombard this release on a musical level — especially British pop-punk. “Lost” opens the EP up with the chirpy pop-punk hooks that YouTuber Jarrod Alonge loves to take the piss out of in his “Every pop-punk vocalist” videos. The vocal melodies are incredibly catchy in the choruses, and somewhat whiney in the verses. James Dagg’s voice mimics what is now a very generic style that vocalists in the genre use, as almost every pop-punk band in the United Kingdom now uses vocal melodies highly influenced by Neck Deep’s Ben Barlow.

“Down”, the lead single from this release, is about negative mindsets and dragging other people down with you. It unleashes a personal topic that would commonly feature in emo and post-hardcore, breaking from the happy-go-lucky nature of pop-punk. While musically, it is still dominantly a pop-punk song with infectious hooks and sing-along moments, the tone of the track is darker and it feels influenced by the catchier songs that Senses Fail have produced in their career.

It wouldn’t be a pop-punk album these days without the typical slow-burner of a song, and “Uneasy” fills that slot perfectly. It provides the much needed breather from the high energy hits that otherwise populate the record. The song is stripped back to just acoustics and vocal overlaps, with Dagg now doing his best Jeremy McKinnon-gone-soft impression as the song ventures into A Day To Remember’s tearjerker territory. “Doubt” then closes the EP the same way it started: more buoyant guitar licks and anthemic choruses. The only difference is that in this piece, Six Time Champion unleash their easycore influence by pulling out some down-tuned chugs during a short bridge. Other than that, it’s everything you’d expect from the outfit.

I hate to come across so negative, because it’s not a bad release in the slightest — it is a decent sounding EP if you enjoy pop-punk. Apart from “Down”, which is extremely fresh sounding, I can’t escape that notion that 'More Than Me' just sounds like every other pop-punk band going. The genre is becoming as typical and predictable as easycore. There is a severe lack originality, which is making it hard to get excited when you hear a new release. Even more so when you sound just like your peers, you really don’t stand out against them.


Download: Lost, Down, Uneasy
For the fans of: ROAM, As It Is, Neck Deep
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Release date 14.10.2016

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