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Death Chasers EP

Written by: PP on 15/12/2016 23:36:44

Scotland's answer to The Gaslight Anthem? Cold Years' debut EP "Death Chasers" certainly gives off that vibe thanks to the Raspy croons of vocalist Ross Gordon, whose delivery makes him sound like a young Brian Fallon on the "Sink Or Swim" days. Instrumentally, too, the band channel the classic great American song style of songwriting that has really taken off lately with an overload of melodic treble in the guitars giving them a nice ring.

It's not quite punk rock, but the undertones are there, so the band falls right in between likeminded groups like Colt 45, Great Apes, or The Cold Beat, all of which have focused on writing earnest-sounding, raw and unpolished rock'n'roll with just enough tempo and vibrant melody to keep the punk fans interested. Here, opening track "Deathchasers", in particular, showcases the kind of anthemic, expansive songwriting coupled with charming vocals that should carry the band far. It's a tighter track than "Lines" is, for example, which goes all-in for an arena-sized sound that's perhaps even more clearly inspired by The Gaslight Anthem's later material than the other tracks.

Still, the spotlight on the record is clearly on Ross Gordon's vocals. With an authentic blue-collar punk style, he balances intimate basement-style honesty with huge melodies that become anthems during the choruses. "Split Blood" is a great example: a slightly rough, whiskey-drenched strain gives his voice loads of character, whilst the tasteful instrumentation on the background gives him plenty of room to expand into the higher parts of his range as well. It's simply a pleasure because of the amount of charisma and charm packed into the delivery, which makes Cold Years a band to keep a close eye on in the future. If they can keep this up on a full album's worth of songs, there's no reason they won't enjoy the kind of success as Gaslight or The Menzingers do today. But any more polish and the charm will be drowned in the production value, so they ought to be careful.

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For the fans of: The Gaslight Anthem, Colt 45, Great Apes, The Cold Beat
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Release date 13.08.2016
Fat Hippy Records

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