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Us And The Night

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Oh, look there's a new 3 Doors Down album out, their first one in five years. Wonder what the band sounds like anno 2016, my approach when signing up to review their sixth studio album "Us And The Night". Maybe they're coming back with another blatantly mainstream rock, yet a thoroughly enjoyable throwback to "The Better Life" with its post-grunge undertones and classics like "Kryptonite"? Or maybe they're still writing cheesy pop rock like "Here Without You" in which case there's nothing to see here? Uh, oh. It's far worse than that.

"Whenever the lights go down / That's when she comes alive [...] She likes to do it in the dark, oh"

Oh yeah. 3 Doors Down have gone full Nickelback on their new album. Never go full Nickelback. But it's true. "In The Dark" could've easily been written by Chad Kroeger & co, all the way from the stupendous cliché lyricism to the overall soundscape. But while there are multiple songs that are essentially Nickelback clones on the record, fortunately, there are also some reasonably catchy alternative rock songs like "Believe It", "Living In Your Hell", or "The Broken". These are both enjoyable for what they are: super safe radio rock that's good for background music in the car or for the hit stations around the world, as long as you take them exactly at their face value. If you're looking for depth or a challenging musical experience, "Us And The Night" isn't going to be giving you that.

But here come the bad news: they are sandwiched in between cringeworthy tracks like the touchy feely piano ballad "Inside Of Me", that's pretty much the definition of filler, or the makeshift latin acoustic guitar stereotype of a track, "I Don't Wanna Know". "Pieces Of Me" is an equally boring acoustic ballad, before "Love Is A Lie" takes us back to Chad Kroegerland for another ultra generic alternative rock track. In that sense, "Us And The Night" is like the quintessential Nickelback album: three or so genuinely good rock songs that most if not all fans of the genre should enjoy, and the remainder of the album pure drivel. Get the singles, skip the album.

Download: The Broken, Believe It, Living In Your Hell
For the fans of: Nickelback, Hinder, Seether, Trapt
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Release date 11.03.2016

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