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Bastards Still Remain

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Five years separated from their previous full-length "Black Mass" released on Rise Records, This Is Hell took everyone by surprise by self-releasing a fifth album "Bastards Still Remain" completely unannounced in May, featuring a rather radical stylistic change in the process. The previous few albums had concentrated on delivering as ferocious and piercing hardcore punk sound as possible, often relying on metallic riffs and breakdowns as well as Terror style testosterone to arrive one of the most uncompromising and unadulterated soundscapes within the hardcore scene.

"Bastards Still Remain" is a different beast altogether. In subsequent interviews to its release, the band has hinted that the record was released as a ten-year anniversary tribute to their debut album "Sundowning", which was a blistering hardcore release that was as tight instrumentally as it was ridiculously aggressive and passionate, drawing the band much praise from press back then. But this one goes much farther than that. We're really taking the genre back to its basics, back to the origins of New York Hardcore with early Sick Of It All material being the prime influence here. So if your experience with This Is Hell is limited to the past few records of primarily of three to four-minute metallic crushers heavy on breakdowns and bone crushing mosh energy, "Bastards Still Remain" will sound like a totally different band in comparison.

We're down to an average song length at roughly one minute and twenty seconds a cut, delivered at a relentless breakneck speed and unpolished, raw production that underlines absolutely no bullshit or additional protools tactics were involved here whatsoever. Or that's how it sounds like, at least. Pissed off, angry and ferocious, relying on the old school two-step mosh pits with plenty of opportunity for the classic circle pit energy to rise up. The twelve songs race by in fourteen and a half minutes, leaving no breathing room or space to absorb the tracks in one way or another. There's no question about it, this is how hardcore sounded like at its rawest and most passionate back in the day: high-energy onslaughts of uncompromised yelling and mosh pit frenzy. Does that make it a good record, however? Nah. Look toward SOIA's records for how this style is done right.


Download: Excuses Pile Up, Among Us All, Retaliate
For the fans of: Sick Of It All, American Nightmare, Give Up The Ghost
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Release date 16.05.2016

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