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Plow United released three albums during the mid-90s before disbanding in 1998 for more than a decade. They returned in what many argue is a better version in terms of songwriting, not taking themselves too seriously and focusing on writing no-nonsense, no-frills punk rock characterized by its unpolished production, raw melodies, and catchy vocal hooks. "Three" is their latest album, which continues to position the band somewhere in between Rancid, The Bouncing Souls and Face To Face, depending on which song you look at.

"Hello Vertigo", for instance, easily could've been on the latest Souls album "Simplicity". It's upbeat and clean, features big sing-alongs and anthemic melodies. In contrast then, "Going Dark" is classic Rancid style repetitions of the same impossibly catchy lines over and over again. For more quirk in the lyrical department, "Illustrations" throws in rock'n'roll groove and twangy riffs while telling a story about a musician's life that culminates in the lead singer entering a venue through the front door to play a show fearing they'd hate him, "but it was worse...they didn't even know me". Elsewhere, shouty vocals contain just enough coarse gravel to lure in the Red City Radio fans - check out "Trust" for instance - underlining the surprising amount of variety Plow United can pack onto what is essentially a simple punk rock record - basement style.

So if you need a fix of high tempo, rowdy and rollicking punk rock with a hefty amount of rock'n'roll undertones, look no further than "Three". With songs ranging from 36 seconds to just under three minutes, you know exactly what you're getting on a record like this. Simple chords, infectiously vocal melodies, loosely played songs (on purpose) which leave a buzzing, vibrant vibe behind them, and plenty of sing-along moments. Not exactly innovative, but it just works.


Download: Illustrations, Going Dark, We Should Take Time
For the fans of: Rancid, The Bouncing Souls, The Loved Ones, Face To Face
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Release date 17.05.2016
It's Alive Records

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