Opera Oblivia

Written by: MAK on 15/01/2017 12:19:40

Ambitious is the best way to describe Aussie hardcore punk outfit Hellions with their third full release, “Opera Oblivia”, and sometimes ambition pays off. The quintet has always given an indication they weren’t unleashing their full potential on previous releases, but now they have blown everything out of the water by delivering an album most of us would never have expected.

Previously, Hellions have unleashed a style of hardcore that emulates the likes of Deez Nuts along with a melodic hardcore/post-hardcore twist. It has been a bouncy and energetic style that was well balanced out with emotion.

On “Opera Oblivia” the Aussies have taken the name opera rather literal and have become rather epically theatrical in their musical stance. Similar in a way to Morning Glory when they evolved from their punchy ska-punk sound to a more theatrical punk vibe.

Take the opener track “24” for example, it starts off with tension building synths that lead into rappy vocals. This then evolves into a choir-esque chorus of many voices singing “We are born and raised as cattle to be the same. But we are not the same, we have to change. And if we don’t, we’ll suffocate. Won’t we?” on top of My Chemical Romance style riffs. The whole vibe feels very much like "The Black Parade" with added atmospherics and possibly what sounds like a xylophone one top of the epic rock track.

The Rap fronted hardcore doesn't go, though. “Quality of Life” has a punchy verse that would make Deez Nuts' JJ Peters proud with its bouncy riffs and ghetto vibe to match. The song then takes a different turn by going all pop-punk on us, an epic sounding chorus which is catchy enough to get a real singalong going. Adding a brutal bridge to get the pits started into the mix too, this song has it all.

“Thresher” follows a similar suit by starting off a lot softer, but with bouncy pop-punk style riffs that shift to a calmer chorus. It’s rather uplifting as the massive gang vocal choruses return. Some might think that Hellions are trying too much, but the variety in soft to heavy, throwing in rap, hardcore and pop-punk together with some experimental atmospherics works brilliantly. It keeps you guessing where each song will take you.

Tracks like “Lotus Eater” and “Nightliner Rhapsody” for example starting off with a fun atmosphere and bouncy beats, but gradually it goes into another epic heavy and somewhat violent end. Whereas “He Without Sin – Halation” continues that violent atmosphere by keeping the tone full off angst all the way through.

This is an album that will surprise a lot of people, unexpected styles mashed together, perhaps ones you didn’t think would be possible, but they fit in a manner you never knew you wanted. Come into “Opera Oblivia” with an open mind and be sucked into the wide range of emotions. Be ready to have fun, rap along but prepare to get deep and emotional too. Hellions really have outdone themselves with this release.


Download: 24, Quality of Life, Nightliner Rhapsody, Nuestra Culpa
For The Fans Of: Deez Nuts, Harm/Shelter, Confession
Listen: facebook.com

Release date 29.07.2016

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