Fossil Youth

A Glimpse of Self Joy

Written by: LF on 26/01/2017 14:46:40

Fossil Youth is an emo/pop punk band from Enid, OK and their debut full-length, "A Glimpse of Self Joy" came out a few months ago. It is overall a very consistent record and a promising debut. There are lots of good melodies and catchy, introspective lyrics in the songs but it also has its problems with the mood and tempos simply being too similar for the songs to really stand apart.

The single "Watercolor Daydream" kicks off the record as a good example of one of the more infectious melodies of the record. It is also one of the longer songs here and thus it has time to slowly become more and more atmospheric in its noodling layers of guitars. "Late Night Swim" also makes a mark as it comes crashing in with an infectious riff and a steady beat but later mellows out in half-tempo for a nice effect. The vocals are on point throughout but sound oddly anonymous in the regular belted punk rock style that is used on most tracks.

The melodic and charming "Monochrome" leaves room for less forceful vocals and more delicate playing than elsewhere and instantly sets itself apart when the vocalist croons the first words of "Colour me impressed". The slower song "Sitting In A Spinning Room" also provides this similar kind of contrast, at least in its initial sections. The two songs on the second half of the record provide a much-needed contrast and are definitely worth returning to on their own.

All in all, there are good tings to be found around the record but while some songs are catchy enough to stay with you for a little while, they don't stick out enough to make you long for hearing them again and again.


Download: Monochrome, Watercolor Daydream, Sitting In A Spinning Room
For The Fans Of: Balance and Composure, Turnover (before "Peripheral Vision"), Sleep In., Dryjacket, A Will Away

Release date 04.11.2016
Take This To Heart Records

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