De Forbandede

De Forbandede

Written by: BV on 21/04/2017 11:03:08

I’ll leave things short and sweet for this particular introduction. De Forbandede is one of those bands I have little-to-no familiarity with prior to reviewing this, their debut full-length album. From what I gather, De Forbandede initially started as a recording project with a desire to keep things fresh - i.e. it was important that the songs weren’t over-rehearsed to the point of losing then nerve, the very core of the tracks. As such, this debut has been a long time coming as it is the final collection of three EP’s and two all-new tracks – all remastered and mixed to fit together like a cohesive set of songs.

Opening with “Nuets Æoner” it is pretty damn evident that energy and intensity are high on the list of priorities for this particular band, as the organ pummels and pierces your brain whilst an almost punk-like youthfulness envelops you, the listener, for the short 2:40 minute duration. Followed immediately by the more hypnotic, almost droning “Må Dit Liv Gå Op I Ild” you instantly hear the songwriting become gradually more interesting with a set of nicely written Danish lyrics that constantly tread the fine line between utter cliché and original expression.

De Forbandede are quite a lot heavier in their sound than I had initially expected, half-anticipating they would ride the same sonic wave as bands like De Underjordiske, Fribytterdrømme and more – melding the Danish language with distorted – but never quite heavy – guitar sounds. “Gennemsyret Glæde” lays this thought to rest with its organ and wah-guitar fueled riffing, sounding like a relatively heavier Siena Root. - Which is, evidently, not an entirely bad thing?

I do have certain qualms about De Forbandede and their self-titled debut. In the quest for a discernable sound, the sound where you instantly go; “Ah, that’s De Forbandede!”, the band seem to have sacrificed some of the edge they seemed so hell-bent on keeping. It’s not just a matter of maintaining raw power and crushing depth in the mix – it’s also a matter of having written a varied selection of songs with similar points of reference without them becoming too uniform. I’m not entirely convinced that De Forbandede have mastered this as of yet when I hear tracks like “Et Stort Sekund”, “Evig Ild” and “Vi Troede Kun På Livet”. These are good songs, but they falter somewhat in the entire spectrum of the album.

In short, De Forbandede have delivered a promising debut album but I wouldn’t quite say they’ve mastered their craft as of yet. That’s quite alright though, as there should always be room for improvement and development.

Download: Må Dit Liv Gå Op I Ild, Gennemsyret af Glæde
For The Fans Of: Siena Root, Måneskjold, Polyfeen

Release date 04.02.2017

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