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Along The Dew

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The Cardiff-based hardcore punks of Grand Collapse appear to be the hot topic of 2017 in United Kingdom’s punk scene, especially after with the release of their second full-length album, “Along the Dew”, on TNSRecords. This is the follow-up to their 2014 debut record, “Far from the Callous Crowd”, which the Welshmen have been touring with over the last few years. “Along the Dew”, however, promises to be more chaotic and aggressive than its predecessor.

What you get with Grand Collapse is a much wider range of influences than I’ve come to expect from a lot of UK-based hardcore punk bands; the Cardiff-lads throw the upbeat intensity of skate punk into the mix along with the emotion of melodic hardcore. With the opening title track, we are lulled into a false sense of security, as we initially hear the sound of calming waves. But it takes about ten seconds for the riffs to kick in and Calvin Sewell’s guttural screams to dominate your ears. It’s a blast of intensity, with incredibly fast beats and relentless energy, although midway through the track, the atmosphere calms down and shows that Grand Collapse can also be incredibly melodic, only to build that tenacity back up for the big finale.

The range of musical stylings fluctuates throughout the album; “Luciano Ponzetto” is a 37-second blast of vigorous, thrashing riffage and ferocity, yet a track such as “Llygaid Gwyrrd” shows more rhythm and groove, and more of a youth crew hardcore style certain to incite two-step dancing. “Though Bloodshot and Blurry” reveals more of the skate punk vibes, looking past the regular throaty shouts from Sewell in the verses, as we get the more upbeat guitar hooks and catchy clean vocals in the chorus. The tone of this piece is a lot more fun than pissed off, yet the angst is still a real factor within the track. “Chalk and Flint” unveils just how heavy Grand Collapse can get, by way of some attention grabbing, down-tuned chugs, and by getting really meaty towards the end, with riffs reminiscent of a band like Grave Maker.

Topically, the Welshmen combine fact and fiction. The opener, for one, is a fictional short story about a fallen huntsman struggling through the wintry earth and being chewed by woodland creatures. However, but the record also features real life topics such as the convenient death of Luciano Ponzetto (“Luciano Ponzetto”) or Grand Collapse’s trial against the UKBA (“Turncoat”).

“Along The Dew” is a brilliant album, showcasing how good the DIY scene in UK punk is right now. The Welshmen can be proud of a release that does more than just create chaos like a lot of their peers, as musically its offers the hint of diversity needed to hook in more than just punk elitists. This is an album that shows Grand Collapse can fit perfectly into the punk scene with bands such as Pizza Tramp and Revenge of the Psychotronic Man. But at the same time, the Cardiff lads would also do phenomenally, touring with the likes of Bono, Broken Teeth and Knuckledust. My only regret is having waited so long to check this record out.


Download: Though Bloodshot and Blurry, Luciano Ponzetto, Along the Dew
For the fans of: Darko, Riggots, Throwing Stuff, Pizzatramp
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Release date 20.05.2017

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