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Hi-Vis High Tea

Written by: PP on 24/08/2017 22:17:03

Nine albums down and Aussie heroes Frenzal Rhomb are not slowing down. One of the fastest bands in the world, the no frills pop punkers are at it again on "Hi-Vis High Tea", an album spanning twenty songs across just thirty-five minutes about no particularly serious topics. It's all about fucking their school reunion, shelving stacks while stacking shelves, and of course, about having beers and shots as they sing on the super simplistic but oddly NOFX-esque "Beer And A Shot".

Lighthearted no-frills pop punk with no bullshit is what it's all about. Tight riffs suitable for skating and circle pits, and roughly zero changes stylistically speaking compared to, well, pretty much any of their other eight albums since 1995. It's kind of like Bad Religion: with a new Frenzal Rhomb album, you know exactly what you're getting. Infectiously catchy, albeit admittedly totally brain-dead party songs spiced with tongue-in-cheek humor and a whatever goes attitude to lyricism. Some songs, of course, are a little more serious like "Messed Up" or "Digging A Hole For Myself", but in contrast, you have rippers like "Pigworm" which goes (literally) like this: "Pigworm. Pigworm. Pigworm. Pigworm. Pigworm. Pigworm. What the fuck? [...] My porcine point of view, that I put down to education / Was in fact a fucking pigworm shitting in my brain / Pig / Worm". Well, you get the point.

So as long as you're able to get over the sheer stupidity of all, Frenzal Rhomb delivers what Frenzal Rhomb has always delivered: consistently great pop punk played at lightning speed and with instantly catchy sing along melodies. A simpler version of Mxpx and Captain Everything!, if you will. What worked in the golden 90s still works brilliantly in 2017 - no complaints from here.


Download: Don't Cast Aspergers On me, Classic Pervert, School Reunion, I'm Shelving Stacks (As I'm Stacking Shelves)
For the fans of: Mxpx, No Use For A Name, Captain Everything!, F.O.D, NOFX
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Release date 26.05.2017
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