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Written by: PP on 28/08/2017 20:39:21

No frills pop punkers The Dopamines have been unusually quiet since the release of "Vices" back in 2012. In that space, their peers in Direct Hit! have released a couple of records, one of them being 2013's "Brainless God" that has since become the genre benchmark for songwriting within the bullshit-free realm of pop punk bands. So no wonder The Dopamines sound like they've taken some inspiration for their fourth album "Tales Of Interest", which was released earlier this year.

For starters, it's the heaviest Dopamines album to date. The guitars are crunchier than usual, and it's not uncommon for vocalists Jon Lewis and Jon Weiner to break out into screams much like Direct Hit!'s Nick Woods. "Business Papers" is a good example of the vocals disintegrating into throaty yells in places. "Common Rue" follows a similar format with rhythmic vocals and an upbeat sound jammed with infectious melodies as is customary for Dopamines, but the song is delivered with a far more roughened expression that comes across rawer than any of their previous material to date. And though tracks like "Open Letter" and "Expect The Worst" follow the classic speed and simplicity pop punk formula they became known for on 2010's "Expect The Worst", the majority of the material showcases a more mature and challenging approach to songwriting instead.

The Dillinger Four-sounding (and titled) "Midwesternplayalisticecononlinemuzik" is another great example. It's classic Dopamines style during its chorus and high tempo, but the guitars echo D4 from "C I V I L W A R" and prior, which is definitely a good thing. The constant toying with heavier hardcore-rooted undertones certainly gives the band a different look and one that keeps their sound fresh. Still, much like their other albums, it's good for a few solid listens every now and then but never particularly spectacular or memorable. No bullshit, simple pop punk that's easy to like. Nothing more, nothing less.


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For the fans of: The Hextalls, The Copyrights, Direct Hit!, The Priceduifkes, Dillinger Four
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Release date 02.06.2017
Rad Girlfriend Records

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