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Wild Cat

Written by: PP on 28/08/2017 21:36:56

On paper, Danko Jones is just about the most ridiculous concept ever. A bold man singing about banging women and wrecking hotel rooms as we're still in the 70s and 80s, acting like he's the biggest rock star in the world. In a live setting, that statement is frighteningly close to the truth as his charismatic and tongue-in-cheek approach wins crowds over no matter which festival they are playing or who they are opening for. "Wild Cat" is his eighth album of playing tight-ass rock'n'roll and it's about all those things, though primarily about making love to women and wanting to play shows every night.

That shouldn't work. Lyrics like "You look so good when you get out of bed / You're always ready to go / I caught you looking like a million bucks" are so cliché driven it hurts, yet because of the boatload of attitude and a rowdy atmosphere, the resulting expression sounds surprisingly good. With an uptempo sound encompassed in heart-on-your-sleeve rock anthems and rock star persona, "Wild Cat" charms through is shameless simplicity and love of bullshit-free hard rock. So when Danko sings "You are my womaaaan, and I am your maaaaan", you just want to sing along, against your will. And that, my friends, has always been his greatest strength: convincing skeptics to stop frowning, lighten up, and have a little fun. Perhaps that's why a song like "Do This Every Night" sounds so authentic: he is living and breathing his lifestyle (or his character) to such an extent it's both believable and infectious.

When you combine that with groovy riffs and big choruses, well you have a winning formula. Maybe not for critical acclaim, but for a cult following and one that lives and breathes life into the often tired and saturated rock'n'roll scene. Just don't expect change: "Wild Cat", aside from a few songs like "Let's Start Dancing" or the title track that sound like a saloon fight just broke out, is Danko Jones through and through, so if you remember "First Date" from back in the day, not much has changed.

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For the fans of: Backyard Babies, Airbourne, Hardcore Superstar, The Hellacopters
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Release date 03.03.2017
AFM Records

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