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Bury Me In Philly

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"Bury Me In Philly" is the third solo album by The Loved Ones singer Dave Hause. It's an album full of charming sing-along anthems with nuances of Americana by punk's most enthusiastic singer-songwriter, written in pursuit of The Great American Song much in the vein of The Gaslight Anthem and, of course, Bruce Springsteen to name but a few. It's the kind of easy-listening rock album that oozes of pure enjoyment and relaxed vibes driven by a semi-acoustic soundscape and a little strain in the vocals that gives Hause's expression his world renowned charisma and edge to other songwriters.

From the upbeat and rowdy anthem "Dirty Fucker", that perhaps best exemplifies Dave Hause's strengths as a songwriter, through the Bruce Springsteen-influenced, all-American song "My Mistake", to the country styled "Divine Lorraine", there's plenty of variety on offer. A common thread to all songs is Hause's soulful and charismatic delivery that draws from the same depths of spirited storytelling as Brian Fallon, which is why the songs are fascinating listens throughout the record. In fact, "The Mermaid" sounds like something Brian Fallon could've written: a nostalgia-driven piece that makes you feel like you're somewhere in the Midwest or the southern states with its wide-open vocal delivery and soul-inspired backing vocals.

Most punk singers resort to sounding like an acoustic version of their main band with fairly predictable and unspectacular results (Joey Cape: I'm looking at you), but not Dave Hause. "Bury Me In Philly" once again proves his passion for songwriting and experimentation, which is why no song sounds the same. So whether you're into a soothing harmonica, folksy melodies, or punk-fueled singer-songwriter, this album has it all. Though not necessarily a standout from 2017, it's one of those you can simply pop on no matter who is visiting and you're guaranteed a good time. Uplifting, likable songs about Dave Hause's life: what's not to like?


Download: With You, Dirty Fucker, Divine Lorraine
For the fans of: The Gaslight Anthem, Cheap Girls, Bruce Springsteen
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Release date 03.02.2017
Rise Records

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