The Walls Will Fall EP

Written by: PP on 13/09/2017 22:21:29

Los Angeles hardcore institution Terror introduces themselves on the Pure Noise Records roster with a brand new, five-track EP called "The Walls Will Fall", featuring nine minutes of ferocious hardcore that picks off exactly where "The 25th Hour" left off two years ago. This is the record where Terror took a turn towards the roots of hardcore and started incorporating some of the crossover thrash origins of bands like D.R.I into their hardcore mix, thus drawing parallels to the chaotic thrashers Trash Talk and the like. The result? Decent, but not as catchy and fist-pump inducing as their best work like "Live By The Code" or "Always The Hard Way" if you ask me.

Here, the five tracks (that includes a Madball cover "Step To You") offer a more refined take on the same approach. "Kill 'Em Off" is the best track on the record with its two-step friendly stomp rhythm that echoes Sick Of It All and Madball's old school records, much like "The Walls Will Fall Right After". "No Love Lost" is classic Terror on the other hand with its intense, in-your-face yells, barks and gang shouts that nonetheless come across as memorable and catchy. Violent and chant-alongable, the best Terror qualities out there, correct?

Better riffs and more circle pits is what "The Walls Will Fall" EP improves on "The 25th Hour". Otherwise it's the standard Terror deal: aggressive and uncompromising hardcore with sky-high testosterone levels, a nice reminder of what hardcore is all about.


Download: Kill 'em Off, No Love Lost
For the fans of: Madball, Hatebreed, Trash Talk, D.R.I
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Release date 28.04.2017
Pure Noise Records

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