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Logistical Nightmares

Written by: MAK on 20/10/2017 14:18:25

Just over a month ago I reviewed the release of “Shit Out Of Luck” by ska punks, Just Say Nay, which was released back in February. Little did I realise at the time that the London outfit was planning to release another four-track EP so soon. I got a whiff of “Logistical Nightmares” a week before release and was told to keep it quiet until they announced it themselves. Having to sit on this review and keep it quiet was hard. I’m unsure how intentional this is, but “Logistical Nightmares” feels like part two to “Shit Out Of Luck”, the songwriting is so similar, which is expected witch two releases so close together.

We kick off with “Pass Me A Cloud”, which drives us straight into those infectious brass melodies and skank worthy upstroke rhythms; Your feet will be moving instantly. The vocals are up-tempo in the verse and the chorus is anthemically catchy enough for you to sing along. There is an added quirkiness that screams influences from the likes of Streetlight Manifesto, though maybe not as intricate as Bolshy did on "Reap The Storm".

The opener is rather intense like “Bouncer” was on the previous EP, yet the follow-up, “Jiggy Bean” is a lot slower and less full of angst for the most part. The track is more reggae based; there is a hint of King Blues meets “Kill All The White Man” by NOFX. The vocals are raspy like El Hefe’s. “KPSD” is a nice blend of the uplifting ska-punk with punch brass hooks and the punk-rock oomph. The riffs are very skate-punk in the intro, but the upstroke kicks in much like early Flatliners with a horn section. There is a riff that makes me think of “Do or Die”, or in fact, most of the “Destroy To Create” album

“Mr. Plank Goes To Down”, feels like the most anthemic track on the release and the most likely to get a singalong rise from a crowd. The Chorus is just the epitome of catchiness like it’s a pop-punk hit. The mix even makes it feel like it’s designed to get the voices going as the volume of the brass lacks in said chorus, though I can imagine the horns will be much louder live.

The production of the release is an improvement on the predecessor, mildly. You still get that vibe that this band has some way to go to sound polished, but that takes nothing away from the fact these are still very enjoyable songs. These four tracks are very fun, perfect to get a crowd moving.


Download: Pass Me A Cloud, KPSD
For The Fans Of: Streetlight Manifesto, Lead Shot Hazard, Call Me Malcolm, King Punch
Listen: facebook.com

Release date 20.10.2017
Self Released

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