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After dabbling in post-hardcore and electronics for quite a while now, Palisades has finally discovered a winning formula on their new album "Palisades", which they have referred to as a definitive record in terms of their soundscape during interviews. They've come a LONG way from the laughably horrible electronic post-hardcore of "Mind Games" two years ago, which was so ridiculously cheesy and awful that it was an attack on good taste, as I wrote back then. In just two short years they've completely reinvented and matured their sound from Attack Attack! style electronic post-hardcore into a rock band with post-hardcore and electronic influences.

Essentially, they sound a hell of a lot like Linkin Park, had those guys opted for post-hardcore elements in their later years. While all of the original elements of Palisades' expression are still present - electronics, breakdowns, and screams - they are muted in favor of a more ambitious and anthemic songwriting style. Album opener "Aggression" asserts as much: it's almost like something off "Meteora" except with an injection of post-hardcore screams and the like. Similarly, "Hard Feelings" is anthemic nu-metal mixed with a post-hardcore backing that you can compare to I See Stars or Of Mice & Men. So one leg down in Linkin Park's legacy, the other in the post-hardcore scene.

"Cold Heart (Warm Blood)" plays a perfect quiet/loud dynamic that explodes into a classic Chester Bennington style screamed chorus. In fact, this song sounds so much like Linkin Park I briefly thought I had inserted one of their songs into the Palisades album playlist by mistake. And that's not a bad thing, especially given how much Linkin Park changed on their last two albums. Palisades are essentially a replacement for the Linkin Park sound that gained them millions upon millions of fans worldwide, and so when you hear a track like "Fall", a monumental anthem with screamed vocals and infectiously catchy choruses, it suggests Palisades are readying for a worldwide breakthrough that should push the band into far larger stages than they are playing today.

In short, "Palisades" is a great mix between heavy guitars and screams vs softer electronics and pop-driven elements. It's walking a thin line between being cheesy and effective utilization of technology, but they come on the right side of that line. One of the surprises of the year, and the best Palisades album thus far.


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For the fans of: Linkin Park, I See Stars, Papa Roach, Of Mice & Men, Issues
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Release date 20.01.2017
Rise Records

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