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"Atomicland" is the debut album from the Orlando, FL based punks, Debt Neglector, which features vocalist Alex Goldfarb from New Mexican Disaster Squad among others. It's a record that's as influenced by Gainesville punk festival FEST as it is an album literally made for it: that much you can tell from the chequered flannel shirts on their band photo and, of course, their soundscape, which basically echoes A to Z of the most important bands associated with the straight-up, no-frills punk rock scene.

From references to Banner Pilot and Off With Their Heads to older veterans like Swingin' Utters and Descendents, Debt Neglector's punk rock expression is instantly enjoyable thanks to its driving melodies, upbeat tempo, and catchy choruses that stay tight and grounded all the way through. Songs like "On The Brink", "Get A Clue" or "Gift Shop" are ideal for small basement punk show sing-alongs, whereas a bouncy track like "Phantom Limbs" suggests bigger crowds might be up for grabs in the future as well.

Some will inevitably complain about the samey nature of the songs, but that's part of the charm: when you play no-frills punk rock, you just need scratchy vocals that are rough-around-the-edges (though not necessarily gravelly), rowdy melodies and fast-paced riffs and you're home free. After all, these are the exact elements that the aforementioned bands have forged their career out of. So if you're into bands like Dillinger Four, Direct Hit!, Deforesters, The Holy Mess, MakeWar et al, where a tight punk rock expression is wrapped around basement-style sing-alongs, then Debt Neglector should be right up your alley.

In other words, it's an album written almost exclusively for existing fans of this style: it takes no artistic liberties and happily confines itself into the no-frills punk rock box. So don't expect "Atomicland" to convince you of the greats of no-frills punk rock, but if you're already a fan, it's exactly what you're looking for while waiting for the next Banner Pilot record to land. Full of awesome sing-alongs and tight punk rock melodies to get you through the winter.

Download: Get A Clue, Phantom Limbs, Gift Shop, On The Brink
For the fans of: Swingin' Utters, Banner Pilot, Off With Their Heads, Dillinger Four, Descendents
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Release date 18.08.2017
Smartpunk Records

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