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Binge & Purgatory

Written by: PP on 24/11/2017 07:56:16

Anthemic party hardcore warriors are back. Just look at that pink album cover. How much does that piss off the hardcore scene loyalists? I love these guys and their new album "Binge & Purgatory" is another fresh reminder that not all hardcore needs to be about themes of family, streets, and unity, that it's okay to have fun with the genre. The result is another banger of an album that will keep Deez Nuts on the rise, even if it's not directly on par with modern classics "Bout It" and "Word Is Bond" that have cast the band into international limelight.

"Binge & Purgatory" is arguably the most polished album the band has put out to date. The production is cleaner and thus some of the raw edges have been taken away from the rap style vocals. The tracks are considerably more punk rock-fueled, where "Break Out" channels bands like Cruel Hand and Your Demise who have experimented with similar ideas in their brands of hardcore. "Antidote" ups the ante even more with its high-speed thrashy shredding, but even "Discord" is rowdy with its main riffage. Then you have "Commas & Zeros", which features a huge anthemic scream along that almost feels like a Comeback Kid track from their "Symptoms + Cures" days.

So what does all of this mean in the grand scheme of things? Well, not much. The record will continue to piss off loyalists because of its unconventional and party-oriented approach to hardcore. Deez Nuts fans will enjoy the bouncy rhythms and the outrageous lyrical content while raising their hands in hip-hop style at live concerts. It's creative, catchy, and sure to be a conversation starter amongst fans of hardcore and punk alike. In other words, it's exactly the record you want from Deez Nuts. Continuation with a few small variations in vocal pitch and rhythm, and plenty of huge anthems to drink beers and party to.


Download: Break Out, Purgatory, Commas & Zeros, Cakewalk
For the fans of: Beastie Boys, Body Count, Cruel Hand, The Hell, Your Demise
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Release date 07.04.2017
Century Media

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