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You're Not As _____ As You Think

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It's so simple, it's genius. The title for Sorority Noise's third album "You're Not As _____ As You Think" lets your imagination run wild about its true meaning alongside the introverted, somber musicianship on the album. What does it really mean? Is it meant to say pretty? You're not as sad as you think? You're not as broken as you think? The connotation suggests it's a melancholic adjective we should be using, at least it would fit with the emotionally charged self-reflection of the album's lyrical universe as well as the saddened tone that flavors their indie-flavored emo expression. It's an open-ended call to reflection and critical thought about oneself, yet one open to interpretation in a multitude of ways. In other words, a perfect title for an album that will likely be considered a cult classic in years to come. Yeah, it's that good.

With a brilliant cocktail of post-rock fueled instrumental cacophonies meeting minimalistic and introverted indie melodies, the band's mastery of the quiet/loud dynamic is out of this world. "No Halo", for instance, is one of the songs of the year, given its melodious explosion of pure orgasmic cacophony of layered vocals and melancholic lyricism during its awe-inspiring "so I didn't show up to your funeral but I showed up to your house" chorus parts. And that's after a prolonged buildup that really showcases the aforementioned quiet/loud dynamic in its best light. What's more, the song is scattered with lyrical gems, among them the emo-favorite "I'm placing bets against myself / And honestly I'm a mess / Like a car engulfed in flames / I am a wreck" to give an example.

Lyrics department is truly where the album shines. On one of the more quieter tracks "A Better Sun", you'll hear a repetitive "this is the part where XXXX" during all of its lines, among them "This is the part where I'm a marathon runner and both my ankles are sprained", not to even mention the dystopian "This is the part where it ends..." that leaves the fate of the narrator hanging and open to interpretation. The imaginative use of storytelling without conclusions is one of the key strengths of the record that helps raise it above its peers this year.

Musically, the band continues to channel bits and pieces from The Menzingers, Tigers Jaw, Modern Baseball, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die and many other of their peers, without quite sounding like any of them. "Disappeared", for instance, is a faster track with a tense buildup to another shout-along chorus, which bears eerie similarities to the Brand New musical universe at it's most complex (think back to "The Devil & God Are Raging Inside Of Me"-era).

The very best songs on the record have one thing in particular in common: layers upon layers of instrumentation ranging from tremolo riffage to shredding and more tranquil bits. "Second Letter From St. Julien", for instance, features an incredible escalation into introverted emo godhood after a lengthy buildup that's almost singer-songwriter or indie rock in its nature. One the song explodes into an awe-inspiring melancholic cacophony, you can't help but be impressed. Post-rock melodies are everywhere and the vocals nearly break into a scream where emotional charge runs sky high, only for the song to calm down into a tranquil finish for the last thirty seconds. This is what masterpieces are made out of, folks.

In short, "You're Not As _____ As You Think" is an outright classic in the genre, and suggests that Sorority Noise may be brewing into this generation's Brand New if they keep this up. Melodies this great just won't stay unnoticed for long, which the (at the time of this writing) 450k YouTube plays of "No Halo" also suggests.

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For the fans of: Tigers Jaw, Modern Baseball, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Brand New, The Menzingers
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Release date 17.03.2017
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