False Awakening EP

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The British metalcore scene has long beaten their American counterparts in innovation and fresh soundscapes that aren't compressed to bits by the Rise Records (et al) production crews. Architects and While She Sleeps are just a couple of examples of unique soundscapes that have taken the world by a storm and given their longevity and constant evolution as bands at home, it's no surprise finding other British bands trying to emulate their success.

One of them is Southampton's Deference, whose latest EP "False Awakening" offers a twenty-minute window into what it means to be thoroughly influenced by some of the best metalcore bands in the world right now. Bending and twisting the genre into a much more melodic and grandiose format with ambitious, lofty melodies in favour of generic breakdowns, the resulting expression is one packed with majestic choruses, quality instrumentals and atmospheric moods that leave a lasting mark. Think Northlane's "Mesmer" for a close comparison.

It also means we're not in for a monotonous scream/clean dynamic, rather than something a little more thought through and ambitious. Here, we're treated to both higher pitch cleans, throat-ripping screams, and thicker growls that all are used as instruments of their won against the dramatic soundscape. The only exception might be the brutal chug-fest of "Scavengers" that feels designed to get the djent-loving crowd interested before the band move onto much more complex territory on the rest of the EP. Yes, the stop/start guitars have a dynamic flavor to them, but Deference is at their best during songs like "Insomnia" and "Departure" which create much more expanse in their respective soundscapes. Here, the melodic post-hardcore influenced cleans also come to their own much better.

While comparisons to Architects and While She Sleeps are certainly appropriate, it's important to note here that "False Awakening" is extremely well-written and -produced, meaning it's not just another Architects clone rather than an entity capable of standing on its own. Full disclosure, I know someone in the band, and usually, it means we won't cover the records if possible. But given the sheer potential Deference showcase on "False Awakening" EP, it'd be a shame not to. Definitely, an interesting group to follow as they gear up for a debut album release in the future.


Download: Insomnia, Departure
For the fans of: Architects, While She Sleeps, Northlane
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Release date 31.03.2017

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