Good Nature

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"Good Nature", the third album by Turnover, completes their transformation from a Title Fight-esque, shoegaze-influenced punk band to a light, dreamy indie pop band in just two albums. Fan-favorite "Peripheral Vision" from two years ago presented a mix of the two styles, which was a daring stylistic evolution by the band certainly alienating a number of older fans, but nothing like this one. "Good Nature" simply throws their past out the window and concentrates on a wholly new sound, one that's best described as...light.

Think light breeze through palm trees, think yacht life in coastal towns, think relaxing ambiance, think ear-pleasing sounds that never really descend from the higher octaves, whether vocally or in terms of guitars. The song title "Breeze" is an excellent metaphor to what listening to "Good Nature" is like: it's like a light blow of wind on your face that feels refreshing and relaxing on a hot summer day. It's very fluffy, soft, and chilled out. Total relaxation through sonic lulls is what this album is all about.

So with that out of the way, is it any good? In some places, yes. "Super Natural" is a twinkly, sparkly indie rock song that's easy-listening to say the least, but fairly catchy. "Curiosity", my favorite on the record, goes up-and-down on the vocal scale, and resembles some of Mae's quieter tracks, perhaps even Copeland in places. The aforementioned "Breeze" is also light indie rock in a satisfying manner even for those who aren't fans of the genre.

But somewhere along the road the soothing soundscape forgets that it's the shoegaze element that made their past work so memorable. Here, the band go all-in on dream pop, which is a big ask from fans of a band that was once comparable to Balance And Composure, Seahaven, Citizen and others like them. It's not a bad record, but it's dangerously close to elevator music or background music outside the few excellent cuts. Good songwriting ensures the album is a solid record, but it's their weakest one so far.


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Release date 25.08.2017
Run For Cover Records

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