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Written by: TL on 23/12/2007 21:21:11

Okay so after having been forced to partake in the decoration of the family christmas tree I\'m back with more reviews for you guys. Next up on the list is Sick City and their new record \"Night Life\". According to the promotional sheet these guys have \"crafted pop songs over a heavier bed of music to form something you won\'t have heard anywhere else\". I\'m partially inclined to disagree, simply because this is one of the few records these days that does in no way tempt me towards smacking some kind of label on it other than just plain \"rock\" - But then I guess that\'s become pretty unusual?

In any case, soundwise there\'s hardly anything special about Sick City. They play straight forward rock songs of classical composition with vocalwork hinting slightly at the ever so popular emotional style. I\'d say their songs were catchy, but then that\'s not really true, because even though the choruses and the compositions are there, the overall impression Sick City makes is simply a bit too controlled and ordinary to be truly lasting. It seems the band is in a hurry to land themselves in the same boat as a band like Anberlin who, in spite of having the melodies and the style right, simply seem to be playing it too safe out of fright of scaring anyone away.

There\'s really not that much to say about \"Nightlife\". It\'s a decent enough record, but its lack of nerve and its overpolished \"edges\" make it the kind of record there\'s little chance I\'m gonna put on again after being done with this review. It\'s a shame because on the ending track \"Tora, Tora, My Dear Tora\" show that they do actually have an idea about how to do what I think it would serve them well to be doing, but with 11 prior tracks failing to impress me much, that only underlines my point. Loosen up a bit next time guys, noone likes rock\'n\'roll when it sounds too clean.

Download: \"Antoinette\", \"Tora, Tora, My Dear Tora\", \"The Heist\"
For the fans of: Kill Hannah, Bedlight For Blueeyes, Anberlin
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Release Date 29.10.07
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