Children Of Bodom

Are You Dead Yet?

Written by: MS on 16/09/2005 21:47:08

Finally it's here. The new full-length from my personal favourite band of all time, finnish melodeathers Children Of Bodom. With this album, Alexi Laiho and the rest of the Hate Crew enters a new era with their new guitarist Roope Latvala, formerly from finnish Stone, and currently playing in Sinergy, also with Laiho. Earlier this year the band announced that the album would be inspired by industrial, which is quite a big change from the neo-classical melodic metal they usually deliver. These so-called industrial elements appear in the form of some unususual guitar riffs combined with the always incredible drumming of Jaska Ratiikainen, and it doesn't really stand out that much.

The album is not as guitar-driven as their former albums, and it seems Laiho has stepped a bit back from being the ?berly dominating frontman, since the album is not as riddled with solos and leads as their former work. This is sad, since it really was what made the band stand out so much. Of course there are still solos, and they are as melodic and advanced as earlier. The track that stands out most on the CD is probably the first single "Trashed, Lost & Strungout", which was released as an EP in 2003. It is more in the "Hate Crew Deathroll" style than any of the other tracks, plus it has an amazing solo. The second single "In Your Face" is also a great track, with some excellent mixtures of heavy drumming and thrashy beats. The keyboard by Janne Wirman on the album has not really changed in style. It's as dazzling as always. The slow track on the album is called "Punch Me I Bleed", and though it's no "Angels Don't Kill", it's really good. It has an awesome chorus.

Another track that's really left an impression on me is the title track "Are You Dead Yet?". It has this really catchy riff about a half minute into the song that sends chills down ones spine, and combined with some serious perkele from Jaska, it makes it one of the best tracks on the album.

To sum thing up, this album is not all I had hoped for, but it still kicks some serious ass, and remember to listen to the songs more than once, since they need to grow on you before you can really enjoy them.


Download: In Your Face, Are You Dead Yet?

For The Fans Of: Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Norther

Release date 13.09.2005

Spinefarm Records

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