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London hardcore outfit, TRC return from hiding to bring us “Lifestyle” their first full EP in five years, which is less of a follow up and more of an extension of 2016’s “The EP”, providing us three new songs on top of the three they unveiled just a couple of years back. Together, these tracks are a culmination of a new era of TRC, following the departures of guitarist Charlie Wilson and drummer Laselle Lewis. With a new drummer in the form of James Cook and a new focus, this feels like a fresh start for TRC to come back out swinging.

The first thing to notice is that nothing has changed in attitude, raw tenacity or full-on brutality. TRC continues to deliver the kind of tracks you want to smash your surroundings to; unleashing savage riffage and monstrous breakdowns. Yet you can tell the fat has been trimmed, one less guitar means there is a slightly simpler approach, a back to basics metallic hardcore with no samples or added effects.

TRC has always looked at modern society for their topical influences and nothing has changed, “Moaner” is about people that complain about things on the internet, where they wouldn’t be so bold if the situation was face to face. Amusingly this track has a throwback to the band’s debut album “Bright Lights”, with references about throwing bottles of piss and an identical breakdown to opening track “H.A.T.E.R.S.”

Another throwback to the debut album is “London’s Greatest Love Story (Part II)”, a follow up to the part one. The original was perhaps the only emotional track TRC ever released, you could feel the passion in the lyricism and its delivery, and those traits are completely emulated in part two, the throaty shouts convey the same emotions. Even the verse grooves and mosh-ready bridge with shredding riffs is incredibly similar to the original. This also wouldn’t be a TRC release without Nathan Prowler guest appearance, at this point we might as well count him as an unofficial TRC member, providing even more ferocious vocals in ‘Take It’.

This is TRC doing what TRC do best, creating bruisers to go apeshit, whether you mosh, two-step or just love to lose your voice. Lifestyle is a solid EP and does the band proud. The stripped back sound places you right in the atmosphere of a DIY hardcore show full of violence and aggression and listening to this EP you can just imagine the absolute carnage at a TRC show. The London band haven’t lost their step at all.


Download: Moaner, London's Greatest Love Story (Part II)
For The Fans Of: Deez Nuts, Knuckledust, Gassed Up

Release date 11.04.2018
Self Released

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