Rolo Tomassi

Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It

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While most screamo in recent years has focused on revitalizing its origins from the emotional outpours of the 90s - just look at the success of recent skramz and emotional hardcore bands like Touché Amoré - UK's Rolo Tomassi has been living in the fringes of that movement doing something altogether different. Their 5th album "Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It" is the latest manifestation of that experiment where it is blatant that creative juices are flowing in all sorts of directions away from the central element in screamo: the grating, throat-piercing screams.

Through a liberal mixture of elements ranging from post-rock to progressive metal, Rolo Tomassi take us on an experimental journey of sounds that at times features influence from Between The Buried And Me style instrumental chaos and wizardry, elsewhere goes silky soft with fragile female vocals dreamily floating above tranquil passages, all the way back to Fear Before style exploration of scremo's possibilities as a genre. Hauntingly beautiful passages come crashing down into menacing screamo havoc, only to merge together in a cacophonic contrast of throaty screaming and female cleans. The end result is a group of songs that stretch beyond the eight-minute mark on multiple occasions.

Sounds good on paper, huh? Not quite so in practice. All too often does it feel like the band is lacking a sense of direction. Many songs take on progressive ideals and offer a complex and challenging listen, but without the climaxing reward that should justify the length of the songs. There's an avant-garde feel to many tracks, which isn't in enough contrast against the grating screamo. The album would be a beast of a record if it dared to strike back with the ferocity of other screamo bands more often than it does on this record. "Rituals" is a great example with its razor-sharp approach backed by classical piano and soothing melodies, whereas "Aftermath" merely sounds like an indie-flavored post-rock song in comparison. Instead, the record often floats along offering an interesting, but ultimately a rather forgettable take on a genre that had the potential to be so much more.

Download: Contrempts, Whispers, Rituals
For the fans of: Fear Before The March Of Flames, Between The Buried And Me, The Sound Of Animals Fighting
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Release date 02.03.2018
Holy Roar

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