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It's a glorious year for Swedish skate punk. Satanic Surfers returned with their first album in 13 years; Adhesive are playing shows again; Millencolin is slated to release a full-length later-on; and here we are with a brand new album "Grit" by genre legends No Fun At All, their first record since 2008 and only their second in eighteen years. So if you're longing for a throwback to the golden 90s era of punk rock, look no further, because "Grit" sounds like the last 20 years never happened. We're firmly back in the world of melodic skate punk characterized by its tight guitars and cleanly sung, wide-open vocals leading into infectiously catchy choruses.

It's a style mastered in particular by the Swedes and replicated only by No Use For A Name state-side. It's often dubbed as melodicore for a reason due to its uptempo nature that's rooted in simple, power-chord driven guitars but with ripping leads and juicy melodies that lend themselves for circle pits and huge sing-alongs in equal measure. Those who saw No Fun At All's exemplary showcase of melodicore godhood at Groezrock two years ago can attest to just how good this genre can be at its very best.

On "Grit", No Fun At All do their best to relive past classics and offer a record that is essentially identical to their past output. If this is the first time you're encountering the band, then think back to "Pennybridge Pioneers" (Millencolin) or "Making Friends" (No Use For A Name) for an idea of what to expect.

And for a moment, songs like "Runner's High", "The Humdrum Way" and "Lonely Stranger" do take us back to the golden 90s. These are skate punk songs written in a fashion that is exactly how the genre is meant to be played, complete with great choruses and sublime guitar hooks to draw in the listener.

The rest of the record isn't bad either: it's basically solid, straight up melodicore that stays faithful to the genre and takes absolutely no chances. In other words, the Bad Religion way: safe and sound, only with better production values than their old output. Not spectacular by any means, but any fan of 90s punk should have a copy of "Grit" in their collection just because.


Download: The Humdrum Way, Runner's High, Lonely Stranger, Forth
For the fans of: No Use For A Name, Adhesive, (old) Millencolin, Descendents
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Release date 13.04.2018
Bird Attack Records

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