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Six albums down with the latest one being "Swell", Tiny Moving Parts have been releasing records every couple of years since 2008. But it was only two years ago on the marvelous "Celebrate" where the band began their breakthrough, one that is cemented and likely accelerated with this record. "Swell", you see, is arguably one of the best albums we'll hear in 2018 and it is that for a couple of different reasons.

Reason one? Raw passion. The sheer joy of playing oozes off every song, showcasing the kind of energy of a unit that has just clicked where everyone is exactly on the same page sound wise. It's a cacophony of melody that features brilliant transitions from pianos and orchestral elements with female backing vocals into explosive post-hardcore segments, fueled by math rock and punk undertones. It's an expression that feels oh-so-familiar and yet unique and refreshing at the same time, one that's a brilliant concoction of quiet/loud dynamics, start-stop melodies, and unpredictable lead guitars that range from playful tapping through grandiose post-rock crescendos to crashing post-hardcore breakdowns and crackling shouts.

At the same time, and this is reason two, by the way, Tiny Moving Parts manage to keep their soundscape infectiously catchy throughout. This is despite constant stop/start passages, up-then-down guitars, and a wide range of vocal styles on display that on paper makes it sound like total chaos. Trust me on this one, there's an intricate structure present in all songs that threads through memorable catchphrases and instantly catchy choruses, where perfectly timed breaks intensify the emotional charge and passion on display.

Basically, if you take the best parts of This Town Needs Guns, You Blew It!, Tigers Jaw, and the anthemic, emotional arena crooners The Menzingers and/or Modern Baseball, you've got "Swell". It takes everything "Celebrate" did so well and makes it even better. Technical wizardry, emotional post-hardcore, math rock, and pop punk in a perfect blend. A record for the ages.

Download: Malfunction, Warm Hand Splash, Feel Alive, Applause, Caution
For the fans of: You Blew It!, Modern Baseball, This Town Needs Guns, American Football, Jeff Rosenstock, The Smith Street Band, Tigers Jaw
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Release date 26.01.2018
Triple Crown Records

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