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Woof EP

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Copenhagen punk hopefuls Forever Unclean have been a band in one constellation or another for well over a decade at this point. It's starting to show in their songwriting, which keeps improving record-by-record in impressive fashion. Their latest EP, the five-track "Woof", sees them continue to refine their expression that falls somewhere halfway between the likes of The Menzingers, The Flatliners, Gnarwolves, and Crucial Dudes. That is, upbeat, sing-along style pop punk, contesting against raw, straight up Fat Wreck style punk rock with a few emotionally charged moments stacked in between.

Vocalist Lasse Mikkelsen's style continues to mellow as a part of the band's progression from a high-energy, melodic hardcore rooted punk band into a melodic punk outfit, but they do so without sacrificing their rough, raw soundscape entirely. This is best seen in a song like "Words", which features bright, buzzing guitars and high-flying melodies that are arguably the most melodic the band has written to date, but where Lasse's snarly vocals still keep us firmly within the punk territory. The song finishes in big woo-ooh-ooh sing-alongs that will certainly play great in live environments.

At the same time, the title track "Woof" is more of a sing-along track all the way where snarl has been all but dropped in favour of a cleaner style of singing, whilst smooth bass-lines and catchy guitar riffs ensure most fans of the aforementioned bands like The Flatliners will feel right at home. Then you have "Road", which goes even further into The Menzingers inspired territory with its a capella parts that feel destined for explosive sing-alongs at future basement style shows across Europe.

With a solid production, the band's package on "Woof" may be short - only 11 minutes of racy punk rock - but it's safe to say this one is their best yet in all fronts, and yet another solid argument in grouping them among the finest punk rock bands the European scene has to offer for the time being.


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For the fans of: The Flatliners, Stars Burn Stripes, Gnarwolves, Crucial Dudes, Shook Ones
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Release date 08.06.2018
Disconnect Disconnect Records / Hidden Home Records / Bearded Punk Records

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