Tales From Dirt Town

Written by: PP on 28/12/2007 04:28:33

Releases like Bobaflex\'s \"Tales From Dirt Town\" stand high on my list of things that piss me off in the music industry. They are shoved down our throats through massive marketing campaigns in magazines, street teams distributing 150,000 stickerts & 70,000 samplers out, buying air time in radio and all the other usual major label tactics. This is a prime example of the industry trying to force-feed a mediocre band to the public in the hopes of brainwashing soulless teenagers into thinking \"oh, Bobaflex must be great because I\'m seeing them everywhere\". It pisses me off because out of all the potential great bands out there that I KNOW would have the public running to the stores, it has to be Bobaflex, a southern rock/hard rock band from West Virginia.

Admittedly, their album \"Tales From Dirt Town\" starts out strong with \"Sellout\", a fiery southern rock assault in the vein of late Dimebag\'s Rebel Meets Rebel project. Armed with a whiskey-drenched vocalist and a shitload of rock and roll attitude, the high-octane song sounds dangerous and biting, just the way a southern rock album should sound at its very best. \"Born Again\" continues on the same route though with slightly less weight on the gas pedal, as does \"That Old Speed\" which successfully blends elements from nu metal into the expressiveness of Rebel Meets Rebel. Here I\'m thinking: another shot of your finest whiskey, miss barmaid, and lets get this show rolling.

But just as the last drop of that shot dries from my throat by \"Savior\", the album strays away from anything that can be called \"southern\" or \"rock and roll\". It loses all its teeth and attitude, and from there on it\'s all about aping the thousand faceless hard rock bands like Seether, the obvious consequence being the utter and unfortunate loss of identity from an otherwise promising record.


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Release date 30.10.2007
TVT Records

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