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Written by: MAK on 11/12/2018 12:56:30

Do you ever wish that bands put all their EPs, demos, splits and standalone compilation contributions all in one place for your convenience? Well, you’re in luck if you’re a fan of iconic crack rocksteady act Leftover Crack. Introducing “Leftover Leftover Crack”, a collection of B-sides and rarities in one album, all previously released material that has been scattered over various releases in the past. Or as the album states, this is the E-sides and F-sides, which is amusing because the album is released as two vinyl, giving us sides A to D. Get ready for a ride of ska-punk, hardcore, rockabilly, metal and more in this extensive trip through Leftover Crack’s lesser-known back catalogue.

In order, this thirty-track album takes material from the “Rock the 40 Oz” EP, “Give’em the Boot Vol.2” compilation by Hellcat Records, “Against Police Injustice” compilation by Non-Commercial Records, “Bankshot! Mass Destruction” by Bankshot Records, “Baby Jesus, Sliced Up In The Manger”, a split with F-Minus on Hellbent Records, “The Kids Are Gonna Pay…” on Blacknoise Records, “Deadline”, a split with Citizen Fish and “Fat Music Vol.8: Going Nowhere Fat”, both released on Fat Wreck Chords, plus some extras added on the reissue of notable album “Fuck World Trade”.

Some recognisable tracks include “Jesus Has a Place 4 Me”, which is the original version of the popular track, “Rock the 40 Oz”. Being a demo equivalent, this version is a lot rawer in comparison, more distortion in the vocals and the riffs that the song on “Fuck World Trade”, but this latest version shows some remastered quality. The same can be said for “Nazi White Trash”, where the upstrokes are a lot cleaner and the chorus is heavier and “S.T.I (Stop The Insanity”, which is just a lot more ferocious, the vocals are a lot more guttural. Others would be the likes of “So You Wanna Be a Cop?” a re-recording of the Morning Glory hit, with added vocals by Stza, as well as “Infested” and “Apple Pie and Police State”, both of which are originally Choking Victim songs that made it onto Leftover Crack releases later on. The upside is they all sound much better than the originals. There is also an instrumental of “Gay Rude Boys Unite”, which is a slightly different version to the secret track on “Mediocre Generica”, still more ska’d up than the one with vocals, but this time it doesn’t have a horn section.

Other stand out tracks that weren’t on the major three albums include “Baby-Punchers” from the “Deadline” EP, possibly the best Leftover Crack track that didn’t make it to a full-length album, which has skankable verses and a catchy skate punk styled energetic chorus topped off with a monologue by Dead Kennedys’ Jello Biafra about capitalism and activism. There are two versions of “Muppet Namblin’”, a song that rips into the muppets song “Rainbow Connection”, the second of which features The Distillers. Finally, look out for the cover of ‘Land At Work’ by Men At Work, a fun ska-punk take on the legendary song.

It’s a decent album and a wave of nostalgia, however, this is more of a collector’s item for fans of Leftover Crack than it is a necessity, if you are well-versed in your history of the band and their material, none of these songs are new, however, there will be a few surprises and twists for you on songs that you do know. Slight melody changes and how they sound will prick your ears enough for you to say “that’s different”. Amusingly for a band that spouts political messages about capitalism, re-releasing old material feels like nothing more than a cash grab on vinyl junkies and avid fans who must have everything a band has released.


Download: Baby Punchers, Infested, So You Wanna Be A Cop?
For The Fans Of: The Infested, Choking Victim, Morning Glory, Star Fucking Hipsters
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Release date 30.11.2018
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