Destined for the Outside

Written by: MAK on 27/12/2018 15:52:28

Having been around for a good few years, the ever so joyful sounding Werecats have slipped my radar until 2018. It wasn’t until late September at Wotsit Called Fest that the London based four-piece caught my attention, which happened to coincide with the release of their debut album, “Destined For The Outside”, which in spite of my on obliviousness to the band, has been a long time coming. Werecats ooze a pure, uplifting wave of chirpy melodic pop-punk that can put the smile on the grumpiest of people. These are the sort of songs that create earworms, leaving songs stuck in your head to days, humming the melodies for days, making you want to come back and learn the lyrics to the catchy jingles

With a Facebook description of “A few little punk rock tales from the underside of life (and death) from the streets of south London.” Werecats weren’t kidding when you dive deeper into the song topics that the fourpiece provide, such as opener song “Astbury”. It's about a place called Astbury Castle, which isn’t a castle at all, but a venue in Peckham. With lyrics like: “Astbury Castle is a really fucking awesome place / Astbury Castle’s where I shove cider in my face” it’s a song that tells the tale of festivities and having fun. It sets the tone for such a joyful album. There is an everyday person sentimentality to these songs, like “Builder” which expresses the dismay of having to wait in for handymen type professions. “He’s late again, got no sense of urgency”. It’s like listening to a happier Wonk Unit.

It’s the simplicity that lures you in, the catchy riffage and lyricism, perky hooks and steady beats. There is a sense of old school meets new school era’s of punk, like the Ramones or The Clash meets Tilt. 80s punk-rock combined with 00s skate/melodic punk. The older influences stand out most in “Toast” in a song where we can appreciate the thudding drum patterns, chuggier basslines and crunchier riffs as Werecats stray from the happy-go-lucky nature that floods the album. The stand out tracks for the release would be “Strawberries” and “Dog”, however, for being those earworms, for their unforgettable choruses that instantly implant themselves in your brains with their bubbly nature.

I may be late to the Werecats party, but I’m thoroughly impressed with my first taste of what the London quartet has to offer. When there is so much angry punk and topical negativity in the UK’s DIY scene lately, it’s a fresh take to have something that can brighten up your mood for a brief moment.


Download: Astbury, Dog, Strawberries
For The Fans Of: Ramones, Clash, Tilt, Deadline
Listen: facebook.com

Release date 30.09.2018
Household Name Records

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