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Written by: MAK on 27/12/2018 16:01:20

2018 has been a strong year for Lockjaw Records, building a bigger core team and putting out more stand out releases than they have in the last few years. One album that has grabbed the most attention would be Fair Do’s from Manchester, who have unveiled their debut album “Leopards”, which became highly anticipated following sets at Manchester Punk Festival and Dugstock that have been praised by several notable names that follow the UK punk scene. Fair Do’s are unapologetically melodic hardcore meets hardcore punk, providing a highly energetic sound that is tenacious and emotional at the same time, come at us with influences from the likes of Strung Out and Propagandhi, as well as boasting similarities to labelmates Darko in terms of ferocity and technicality.

“Leopards” showcases the varying factors that make Fair Do’s stand out against their peers, kicking off with “Royal Flush”, we are introduced to plucky calming melodies that lure us into a false sense of security as the wave of crunchy hooks, fiddly guitar licks, erratic drum patterns and Danny Cummings’ husky, yet rather enchanting vocals that are kind of like a shouty singing style. “Distress Call” comes in with a similar aggressive intensity to the opener, however with a more melodic twist in the vocals and a more chuggy metalcore style in the bridge. All the while the technical guitar styles mesmerise us. Just as you are getting used to this ambitious melodic hardcore sound, “Hanging” takes us out of our comfort zones and throws us right into a pit of doom and misery. Vicious 90s metalcore style crunchy riffs and breakdowns in the intro topped off deep meaty chugs that make you grab your invisible oranges and pull you biggest stink face leading us right into a fast, punchy hardcore skate punk style anthem, a six-minute on at that. It’s a standout hit for this album.

Songs like “Hostile Company” and “Closing” follows up with elements of somewhat happier, up-tempo skate punk anthems, chirpier in comparison to the rest of this album at least with uplifting guitar hooks and catchy singing vocals. The drum patterns still remain urgent and ready to impress with intricate fills and time signatures, leaving room for the fiddly guitar licks to catch up with the beats, gaining complexity as the song progresses as well as more room for monster shreds towards the end. “Candleman” stands out as without a doubt the angriest song on “Leopards”, it hits you very hard in the face with the deep chugs, throat tearing shouts and the balls to the wall hardcore potency. However, this is only an 84-second aural attack.

Not since bands like Almeida and Darko have I been so amazed at the technical brilliance from bands that can thrive in the UK punk scene, especially as none of these bands is strictly punk, blending skate punk with influences from heavier and more progressive genres. Fair Do’s matches the same impressive capability of their angry punk peers, I mean you can just get lost in the mixture of killer breakdowns and the labyrinth that is the lead guitar melodies during “In The Mean Time”. Excuse me while my brain melts.

Download: Royal Flush, Candleman, In The Mean Time, Hanging, Closing
For The Fans Of: Darko, Almeida, Strung Out, Propagandi
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Release date 27.07.2018
Lockjaw Records

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