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Snotty, aggressive punk rock from the north in sound and attitude. Incisions are coming out of 2018 as one of the most talked about bands from the UK’s DIY punk scene. Back to back years at popular events such as Pie Race and Manchester Punk festival has launched this Manchester trio into the ears of punk fans up and down the country, in the time Incisions have unleashed their debut self-titled album on TNS records. This is a band pissed off at the world, grabbing us all by the balls and dragging us into 2019 where they can only impress us more than they already have.

“Incisions” is very much a TNS style album, when you look at the kind of releases the DIY label puts out. This is an album laden with short, fast and angry songs. It’s what bands on TNS are known for and Incisions fit that recipe to the letter. Of course, all of these bands provide something a bit different. Incisions unload on their worth as being working class citizens in “60 Hours”, which goes into the lives of people that work way more than they should just to get by. Or there is “Drug Money” which flaunts the party life of people who skim booze, so they have money for drugs.

Musically, Incisions are gritty and aggressive, placing themselves somewhere in the realms of hardcore punk and youth crew hardcore, never quite being one or the other. Opening track “Deny” for example showcases amp feedback and deep tom drum patterns, traits of UK hardcore bands like Haest, Trial & Error and many more. Then you have a track like “Bigger City”, which is an out and out skate punk tune; giving us a nice catchy singalong chorus on top of riffs that are in a more major key than the angrier sounding “Follow”, which is vicious anthem topically attacking the far-right movements.

Incisions pull no punches with this release, political and personal angst, musical variety within the punk and hardcore worlds. In a Britain that is very much tense at the moment based on the political climates and the divide in people, this is an album that emulates the mood of a nation and showcases what a lot of working-class people are thinking, just with some punk flavour. It is to little surprise that the album and the band are so hyped at the moment ready to tackle to the new year by force. Expect to see the name Incisions a lot in 2019.


Download: Bigger City, Follow, 60 Hours, Drug Money
For The Fans Of: Haest, Pizzatramp, Grand Collapse, Rash Decision

Release date 07.12.20148
TNS Records

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