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For quite some time now, something very special has been brewing in Philadelphia underground. A small, but a cult-like following of fans around the world have taken interest in a loud, yet eerily familiar soundscape forged by a band called Restorations, who keep delivering consistently great albums that just don't seem to be taking off beyond the sweaty basements and the FEST crowd. Some have called their fourth album "LP5000" their best yet, and it is where I, too, join the cult following in asking: how the hell aren't these guys more popular just yet?

Stylistically, "LP5000" doesn't change too much about what Restorations are all about. They still have an uncanny talent in writing songs that feel upbeat and bright without having to resort to pop punk clichés or speeding up the tempo to achieve that. They're also still writing earnest songs drawing their inspiration from the Bruce Springsteen school of Americana punk (like The Gaslight Anthem, The Hold Steady and many others), so essentially, the band are in search of the Great American Song, channeled through the absolutely charming, charismatic scratchy croons of Jon Loudon. Together with the casual instrumentation and expansive soundscapes, the Restorations expression sounds like as if punk rock, indie, and Americana had a love child together.

Now if that sounds familiar, then that's because it is. Another incredible band that perfectly combined the three genres some years ago was The Hold Steady on their seminal 2008 masterpiece "Stay Positive", and you could certainly make a case for Restorations being their closest peer sound wise. A song like "Remains" could arguably be on that record and no-one would've noticed, which is a testament to just how great of a song it is.

Throughout the seven songs of "LP5000", you'll be taken through an emotional, depth-laden journey of music that echoes Midwestern punk as much as it does indie-flavored alternative and the arena rock of Springsteen. Rhythmic, inventive percussion ensures the songs have a unique twist to them, and the three-guitar onslaught gives plenty of room for large, effect-laden soundscapes that echo in distance but yet always somehow land right at your feet thanks to the intimately charming and down-to-earth style of Loudon's scratchy vocals. Uplifting and catchy, "LP5000" is truly one of the lost gems from 2018 that people should really be paying attention to.

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For the fans of: The Hold Steady, The Gaslight Anthem, Signals Midwest, Titus Andronicus
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Release date 28.09.2018
Tiny Engines

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