Grand Relapse

Written by: MAK on 13/04/2019 17:18:45

It was only last year that Welsh hardcore punks, Pizzatramp released “Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan”, an album with a name dedicated to their label mates Revenge of the Psychotronic Man. Now this April, the trio have unveiled another album of short fast angry songs with another amusing name dedicated to a band also on TNS Records. With much love for Grand Collapse, Pizzatramp brings us their very own “Grand Relapse”.

What was noticed with “Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan”, Pizzatramp have pushed their material harder and angrier than previous work, and that doesn’t seem to have changed on “Grand Relapse”. The three-piece throw some of their heaviest music at us like it’s a punch in the face. Very early into the album, we are treated to “Millions of Dead Goths” which has an erratic Slayer-esque chorus, then a few songs later we have “Letch” which ends in pure blast beats and chaotic riffs. With the follow up “137995” kicking off with an intricate fast full kill drum technique, with a full array metal and beatdown style riffage and forceful shouted vocals grabbing us by the throat. This is a much heavier Pizzatramp on a whole. “Sloff” has a riff that feels like a throwback to the older song “Scumbag Boogie” from the album “Blowing Chunks” and is equally as aggressive, this few songs back to back definitely get the headbanging

The fun and silly side to Pizzatramp remains though, the punchy but entertaining “I Got Work In The Morning” is all about having to be responsible, as guitarist Jimmy lists off all the things he can’t do because he has work the next morning, like taking pills, drinking, clubbing, doing lines and more. Even with the heavier material being the stand out feature on this album, the expected Pizzatramp groove also remains, especially in “Shoot Me Now” and “Nobhammer”. “He’s Gone Full Mitchell” has those thick basslines that Sam Jones is known for on previous Pizzatramp work. It’s a nice well-rounded mixture of familiarity of older sounds and growth all on one album.

“Grand Relapse” has been the wake-up call 2019 has needed. Pizzatramp to no surprise pack 15 songs into a 25-minute album, with most of the tracks barely making it to the two-minute mark. It’s balls to the wall, hard-hitting hardcore punk with a strong metal influence to it. This release has that Gallows meets slayer kind of aggression that makes you want to kick the shit out of something.


Download: I Got Work In The Morning, Letch, Sloff, 137995
For The Fans Of: Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Grand Collapse, The Domestics

Release date 05.04.2019
TNS Records

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