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Body Feel

Written by: PP on 22/04/2019 22:13:53

Oh boy, this one almost snuck by me unnoticed. A goddamn new album by Shook Ones, one of the best post-Lifetime bands since Lifetime stopped releasing records. Their raw, melodic hardcore (the punk, not the hardcore kind) sound is as infectious as it is easy to get into. Snarly vocals barked into a hyper-melodic, lighting speed, buzzing soundscape that just screams of energy, here we fucking go. This is what basement style punk rock is all about.

Just like the two albums that came before it (latest one in 2009), "Body Feel" is raw, unpolished, passionate, full of urgency and rammed with energy from the first song onwards. It's borderline hardcore in places, yet wrapped in melodic twists, razor-sharp punk rock guitars, and as much passion as you can get on an album nowadays in terms of vocal performance. The coarse, shouty style of their vocalist is ideal for delivering a high-energy onslaught that's matched only by PEARS when it comes to short micro-bursts of aggression. Great examples are "Should He Be Driving?" and "Mercer...Fuck", but really any track on "Body Feel" will do, because if there's one thing Shook Ones have always been good at, it's consistency.

Their sound is completely unchanged despite a ten-year pause between the records, and that's exactly how it should be with these types of records. You're expecting a Lifetime-style record, then let it for fuck's sake be a Lifetime-style record next time as well. Kudos for Shook Ones for staying true to a beloved sound that their fans have come to expect.

So what about "Body Feel" as a whole, then? Pedal-to-the-floor style melodic hardcore punk with a sublime balance between raw hardcore and infectious, circle-pit inducing punk rock melodies. No bullshit, just straight up punk rock, delivered without an attitude nor an agenda.

Download: Should He Be Driving?, Mercer...Fuck, Rhymes With Robbed, Feels Like Red
For the fans of: Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Avail, Dolarhyde, I Am The Avalanche, PEARS
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Release date 19.10.2018
Revelation Records

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