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I Have Seen The Future And It Doesn't Work

Written by: RUB on 11/09/2019 12:58:29

Grindcore is not for the faint-hearted, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone even just slightly familiar with the genre. And from that to actually enjoying the music is yet another long haul, though I can happily admit that I count myself as a fan and even rank the grandfathers of grindcore Napalm Death as one of my top favourite bands. The good thing about this music is that it’s very straightforward. Usually, bands in the genre waste little time building songs up for some epic finale or climax, and instead go straight for the prize — that being the brilliant riff, the meanest scream, or that unique drum detail that makes a song oh-so-brilliant. The bad thing about a grindcore album, however — at least in general — is that with so many songs (it is not unusual with 20+ tracks in a single album), there’s bound to be some filler. This particular piece, “I Have Seen the Future and It Doesn’t Work”, is written by a supergroup of musicians who have proven themselves capable of writing outstanding tracks and records for bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan and Black Dahlia Murder though, so I am less fearful of the album than I perhaps should be. Let us see, shall we, whether the record can hold a candle to the glory of those two bands then…

“I Have Seen…” is only a 14-track album. What this means for this dystopian dread-themed release is that every track is slightly longer than your average burst of grindcore, though, as mentioned in the introduction above, little time is wasted on building up. After a short one-minute intro, the relentlessly furious assault on your eardrums begins, and what is immediately noticeable is that even though the first few songs are very short, they still manage to pack both variety and even some melody, which makes them stand out and escape the pitfalls of monotony, tediousness and especially dullness. Both “Seed Shooters” and “Mutually Beneficial Subterfuge” contain memorable riffs and plenty of shifts in their tempo, but luckily this doesn’t happen at the expense of any of the aural carnage unique to the genre.

Where Shock Narcotic really stands out is on the two-minute-ish tracks, where the soundscape truly unfolds without sacrificing any of the grindcore aesthetics and keeps the tracks straight to the point. To keep the suspense intact, the band also throws in some diversity in the form of longer breakdowns for good measure, as seen on “Pray for Paralysis”, “Sliced Self / Multiple Lives” and “An Obsession Supreme”), although these tracks could’ve probably been utilized even better if placed in different segments of the album, and not in one sequence This way the suspense curve would’ve been in a constant up and down pattern, thus keeping the sense of chaos so integral to this genre intact, and as such maybe making the overall impression of the album seem more like a whole than randomly placed tracks each working on their own. Still, “I Have Seen…” contains such absolute grindcore bangers with plenty of blastbeats, menacing screams and chugging riffs all perfect to keep the pit going, that I am certain to keep returning to this storming début.


Download: Perpetual Regression, Mutually Beneficial Subterfuge, Seed Shooters, Aimless Slogging, Pray for Paralysis
For the fans of: Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Nasum, Lock Up, Rotten Sound
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Release date 16.08.2019
Housecore Records

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