Debt Neglector

The Kids Are Pissed EP

Written by: PP on 22/09/2019 23:21:33

I've been meaning to write about this one for quite some while. Debt Neglector from Orlando, Florida have been on my radar ever since their solid "Atomicland" debut album, which delivered Midwestern style punk rock with convincing amount of grit and catchy choruses to fit right in within a crowd of Banner Pilot and Off With Their Heads fans. It's not a band that's looking to reinvent the wheel, but rather one that rewards their fans with precisely what they want to hear from a Midwestern punk band.

Their latest EP "The Kids Are Pissed" follows therefore exactly where its predecessor left off. Keep it simple: rowdy riffs, upbeat tempo, scratchy vocals, and a down-to-earth, no-bullshit attitude to punk rock that follows exactly the formula that makes Banner Pilot records so great. Here, Debt Neglector race through six songs in just under fifteen minutes, relying on every standard feature in the no-frills punk rock books. The songs follow the same red thread throughout: head-bangable guitars, given an edge by the roughened production, lead the charge, while scratchy, signature-style Midwestern punk vocals ensure catchy verses and choruses left and right. It's so simple, but it just works, thanks to a healthy injection of nostalgia-driven atmosphere and a focus on writing great, simple sing-along choruses that don't look to be anything else than just that.

So let me put it this way. Debt Neglector probably isn't the band to convince you Banner Pilot style Midwestern punk is great, but they sure as hell are the band you want to put on while you're in between other records within this style. And with politically charged, awesomely catchy tunes like "R.P.F.O" crowning the record with an anthemic punk rock sing-along in the very spirit of the genre, there's no reason to doubt we might be looking at the next big band within this style. FEST-crowd, watch out!


Download: R.P.F.O, Scared Of U.S., Wrong Side
For the fans of: Banner Pilot, The Slow Death, Off With Their Heads, Dillinger Four
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Release date 26.10.2018
Smartpunk Records

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