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Crucial Moments EP

Written by: PP on 27/10/2019 22:16:46

The souls are back after an absence of three years with a six-track EP called "Crucial Moments" that stays true to their upbeat, simple, yet infectiously catchy and effective melodic punk rock from the 90s. Little has changed since the previous album "Simplicity"; this is as signature Bouncing Souls as signature Bouncing Souls gets, complete with neat production that leaves the songs clean but not soulless (yep - couldn't help myself).

Opener "Crucial Moments" is a basic upbeat sing-along anthem as we remember them from records like "Hopeless Romantic" or "The Gold Record". It's followed by a reminder that the Souls always had a harder side to them as well on the hardcore styled "1989" that will remind you of H2O. "Favorite Everything" is just a joy to listen to ("You are the reason why I sing / you're my favorite everything!"), here bringing the upbeat songwriting of someone like Dave Hause into mind. It's a reinvigorating song that carries all the hallmarks of a band that's having a great time writing and recording these songs.

"Here's To Us" is the only downbeat/melodramatic song on the record stylistically speaking, but it is good for variety as it helps reduce the overwhelming super-positive mood that the record's soundscape brings about. "4th Avenue Sunrise" is back in the hardcore territory with aggressive bass-lines and high tempo, and "Home" finishes the EP in classic Souls sing-along style, while drawing some influence from Alkaline Trio material circa mid-2000s.

Overall, "Crucial Moments" is six tracks of Bouncing Souls served to the fans in exactly the format we were craving for. Upbeat, fast-paced melodic punk rock with no extra bells or whistles, just consistently good songwriting. Big sing-alongs where we expect them to be, and circle pit-inducing energy elsewhere. Not reinventing the wheel, but keeping the wheels rolling in convincing fashion.


Download: Crucial Moments, Favorite Everything
For the fans of: H2O, Dave Hause, Alkaline Trio, Face To Face, Goldfinger
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Release date 15.03.2019
Rise Records

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