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Written by: PP on 27/10/2019 22:24:47

It's been six years since the last Bars Of Gold record "Wheels", which introduced a more indie-flavored take on Bear Vs Shark's notoriously explosive and unpredictable brand of post-hardcore that charmed us in mid2000s. It allowed a less restrictive, more experimental outlet for the unpredictable, unconventional vocal patterns of Marc Paffi, thus leading his four-guitar musical collective far into the world of the avant-garde, experimentalist music beyond basic genre confines.

On the third album "Shelters", the band takes that approach even further. It's a weird, quirky release that's characterized by odd time-signatures, unconventional rhythmic pulsations, unusual melodies and experimentation with styles and sounds that leads into a hypnotic back-and-forth between calm and explosive, between big alternative rock riffs and strange instrumentation.

A good example of a more traditional track is "Atlantic City", which features trademark Paffi on the vocals, contrasting between crackling vocals about to explode and calm hums in the process. Then you have something like "$20", which sources from early The Mars Volta, bringing Latin style melodies and full-on experimentation with instruments and effects pedals into the mix. Or how about "Sometimes"? Here's a track that showcases Paffi at his very best: repetitive lyrical structures and delivered through a quirky, up-then-down vocal pattern, that appears calm at first but explodes into ravaging screams and much more at a multitude of moments during the song, none of which you can easily predict before they take place.

It is this charming experimentation and unpredictable song structures thanks to their four guitarists that make Bars Of Gold such a challenging, yet a rewarding listen. The complexity of melodies requires a lengthy period to familiarize yourself with, but once you do, a world of treasure awaits. Certainly one of the most unique releases in 2019, "Shelters" is a perfect record for those who are seeking a mix between the post-hardcore experimentation of Bear Vs Shark or even At The Drive-In, and the progressive rock of early Mars Volta records.

Download: Atlantic City, Sometimes, Worthless Chorus, Montana
For the fans of: Bear Vs Shark, The Mars Volta, At The Drive-In
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Release date 12.04.2019
Equal Vision Records

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