Out Of Bounds

Eat, Sleep & Greed EP

Written by: PP on 16/11/2019 12:13:22

Out Of Bounds is a brand new punk band from Hjørring, Denmark whose four-track debut EP "Eat, Sleep & Greed" landed on our desk a few months ago. It's officially marketed as a demo, which is obvious from the way the record sounds production-wise. Unbalanced mixing results in faded guitars, vocals drowning everything beneath them, and flat drums without the oomph needed to support the expression. In other words, a release that's probably not quite yet ready for the untrained ears, at least.

Stylistically, we're knee-deep in skate punk that somewhat resembles the Pennywise-worship of Copenhagen-based Losing Must. There are elements of old school Offspring from "Ignition" days as well, mixed in with unconventional instrumental sections where the band is clearly seeking for atmosphere by adjusting the tempo and adding in darker elements from the gothic punk style, before reverting to tight riffs and aggressive tempo. The vocals are shouted but clean, although not particularly noteworthy to stick out in a crowded genre.

More characteristically to a new band, Out Of Bounds is still very much searching for an identity. There are elements taken from the Swedish stop/start skate punk like No Fun At All, nuances of older NOFX records, and so many other famous punk bands that most of the songs here really sound like the sum of their influences in one way or another.

"Tomorrows Sympathy" is an exception, however. Here, the band explodes out the gate Strike Anywhere style while adding some melodic hardcore in the vein of Mighty Midgets into the mix. It's both catchy and high-energy, with a solid vocal performance that's underlined by a scratchier style that's crackling in the soundscape. The same goes for "Unnecessary Greed". This is exactly what the band should aim for on future records. The standard Swedish skate punk style of the first two tracks doesn't fit them anywhere near as well as the hardcore-fueled ragers do. Let's hope for more of the latter on their next records, and most importantly, more polish and balance to the DIY style production.


Download: Tomorrows Sympathy, Unnecessary Greed
For the fans of: Losing Must, (old) The Offspring, Pennywise, No Fun At All
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Release date 29.01.2019

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