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Letter To Our Former Selves

Written by: PP on 29/01/2020 23:55:01

One of the hyped releases we missed out on last year was the debut album "Letter To Our Former Selves" by Vancouver, Canada pop-punks Youth Fountain. It's a record that sounds like The Story So Far took some steroids and went down a nostalgia-laden memory lane filled with old Taking Back Sunday records, before exploding out the gates roaring with the type of spirited, youthful energy that's usually only possible on a debut album.

Yes, we're dealing with a particularly angsty, emotionally charged brand of pop punk that strays away from the conventional ideals of the genre by injecting muscular riffs, breakdowns, occasional screams and a whole lot of other scene stuff into the mix. Basically, it's pedal to the floor, scratchy semi-gruff vocals mixed in with a whole lot of infectious choruses and bouncy rhythms to boot.

Take "Rose Coloured Glass", for instance, which has the same raw emo/pop-punk vibe as the early Taking Back Sunday records. It's full of call/response style vocals, highlighting the fantastic interplay between the band's vocalists that gives the record its high-energy vibe. On the other end of the spectrum, "Moody" echoes a post-hardcore rooted, Living With Lions-style take on pop punk from (think "Holy Shit!"), albeit with an easycore approach. Similarly, "Worried" could be a song off A Day To Remember get the point.

So while Youth Fountain certainly wears their influences loud and proud on their sleeves, that isn't what makes "Letter To Our Former Selves" a great record. No, it's the constant barrage of overflowing energy from the two vocalists that grabs your attention. You thought The Story So Far guy sounds like he's in-your-face vocally? Just wait 'til you hear what these two have to offer. Equal parts punk rock, emo, and easycore, Youth Fountain is what the kids are talking about these days.


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For the fans of: The Story So Far, Taking Back Sunday, Knuckle Puck, Living With Lions, A Day To Remember
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Release date 08.03.2019
Pure Noise Records

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