Sink To The Hell EP

Written by: MAK on 09/12/2020 00:59:08

Los Angeles hardcore titans Terror has surprised fans by releasing a rare collection of older songs that might have been missed by many on their original runs. Soon after the lockdowns around the world kicked in during March 2020, Terror looked through their back catalogue to dig out some forgotten material and stay engaged with their fanbase. “Sink to The Hell” is a mixture of four songs taken from the “Keepers Of The Faith” and “Live By The Code” recording sessions that didn’t quite make the cut on the respective albums for whatever reason at the time, but were released individually by War Records as 7” records on very limited runs.

Terror is known for their bruising style of hardcore that thrives on grooving riffs and ruthless aggression to ignite energy in a crowd and big gang-style vocal singalongs to make you feel in the mix. With a hardcore EP that clocks in at just under ten minutes, you don’t want more, or even expect more from Terror. Right from the start with the title track, those big, anthemic vocals play a part, layered on top of crunchy, menacing riffage to bang your head to. An instant, furious reminder to how good Terror is at creating pit stompers. “Don’t Need Your Time”, picks up the pace, and it’s easy to hear by the shredding grooves that this is a leftover "Keepers of the Faith" track, the style in the rhythm and the tenacity in the delivery is incredibly reminiscent to “Stick Tight”. A nice twist to this recording is that we are treated to some ferocious guest vocals from Stick To Your Guns frontman Jesse Barnett, a cool addition that didn’t feature on the original track.

“The New Beginning” shows Terror at their grooving best with an ear pricking riff that creates the best earworm. The drums kick in along with more of those massive, layered gang vocals, and you’ll be banging your head and shouting along. How this anthem didn’t make it onto “Live By The Code” I’ll never know, this is a better song than most on the album and would, or should be a live favourite already. “You Lost All Respect” closes the EP with something a bit more punishing, raw and harder-hitting thrashy fretwork that and vocals that are spitting absolute venom. Another track that I feel would absolutely slay in a live environment,

Terror does not disappoint with this rather unexpected collection of heavy-hitting hardcore tracks. Arguably this has been the most captivating Terror has sounded in recent years. “Sink to The Hell” showcases when this band was likely at their real peak and acts as a throwback to when Terror was at their creative best. All of these songs are single-worthy and a must-listen for those that love high octane angry music.


Download: Don't Need Your Time, The New Beginning
For The Fans Of: Hatebreed, Lionheart, Cruel Hand
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Release date 24.11.2020
War Records

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