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The Ride

Written by: PP on 19/12/2020 03:48:12

And who said girls can't be punk as fuck? All-female rowdsters Bad Cop/Bad Cop are living proof of that, having released three albums now with "The Ride" being their latest one, leaving many if not most of their male counterparts behind when measured in sheer attitude and raw punk rock energy. Yes, this is a classic Fat Wreck release in the sense that it keeps things simple: three-chord riffs, upbeat tempo, and scratchy vocals is all it takes.

Yes, it's a little cleaner than "Warriors" was three years back. And also yes, the first few songs "Originators", "Certain Kind Of Monster" and "Take My Call" are nothing special. But once we get to "Simple Girl" and "Breastless" the album comes to its own. The former, if you've ever wondered how an all-female NOFX would sound like, well, here's your answer. Never thought I'd hear Fat Mike style snarls with as convincing an attitude as these girls. The latter is an example of how raw energy The Distillers style mixes with a personal message and results in an infectiously catchy song overall.

The triple vocal harmonies delivered by the girls are at their best during the aforementioned two songs and perhaps "Community" and "Pursuit Of Liberty". Shared amongst all of them is a sense of immediacy and a fantastic chorus line that ties the punk rockers together. It's just a shame this isn't consistent across the record: overall "The Ride" feels less like a supercar ride than it does a rollercoaster ride: the ups are all too frequently met with anonymous downs and forgettable songs that, while not bad per se, just fail to match the magic the best tracks offer. It's a good record, but could have been a lot better!


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For the fans of: NOFX, The Last Gang, Not On Tour, The Distillers
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Release date 19.06.2020
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