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Written by: PP on 26/12/2020 15:59:33

Vinnie Caruana's I Am The Avalanche is back after a six-year break with their fourth album "Dive". Fans will be happy to know that absolutely nothing has changed since 2014's "Wolverine": they are still churning out the same kind of mid-tempo punk rock with a melodic ring to the guitars and upbeat singalongs scattered everywhere.

This is both a good and a bad thing. Good, because when the band hits their notes just right, the result is huge, scene-uniting sing-along anthems like "Better Days" or the woo-hoo choruses of "You're No Good". Bad, because for about half of the record, songs like "Fake Weed" or "Love Song" lull forward with Caruana's instantly recognizable scratchy, gravelly vocals enjoyably enough, but without ever leaving behind a memorable impression. In other words: by-the-books melodic punk without the needed edge or infectiousness factor to push it over beyond just decent into something better.

Yes, we're still somewhere between Make Do And Mend, Pass Away, No Trigger, and The Falcon to name but a couple of artists. The guitars are treble-charged and the expression is energetic without being fast-paced necessarily. The gruff vocals occasionally stretch into a scream, but the focus is always on keeping things nicely melodic. Yet, save for the first couple of tracks and the raw "Concrete" towards the end of the album, I'm having a hard time finding the kind of sing-alongs that made "Avalanche United" so great nine years ago. Instead, I'm getting more "Wolverine" vibes here where the record is essentially just another I Am The Avalanche Record. Too many anonymous songs sandwiched in between the great ones. Needs to be better.

Download: Better Days, You're No Good, Concrete
For the fans of: Pass Away, Make Do And Mend, The Movielife, The Falcon, No Trigger
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Release date 20.11.2020
I Surrender Records / Big Scary Monsters

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