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Grower EP

Written by: PP on 18/02/2021 00:49:09

"Grower" EP is basically the continuation of what Burnt Tapes started on their 2019 highlight of a debut album "Never Better". Described as 'regret punk', they find themselves in the same realm as Polar Bear Club did on their debut album, a coarse, gravelly form of punk rock that's defined by its emotive, angular approach to its melodies where it's a solemn sense of nostalgic sadness that encapsulates the music overall. At least that's what their debut was all about, echoing the likes of Half Heart Hero, Pentimento, and even Real Friends and/or The Wonder Years in the process.

On "Grower", we're introduced to three new tracks and an acoustic version of "Yuzi" from the debut. The latter is pretty pointless to be perfectly honest, but the other three tracks suggest they're leftovers from the "Never Better" sessions that never should've been leftover. "Dynasty, Die With Me", for instance, is wonderfully upbeat and catchy instrumentally despite wallowing in the regret punk theme overall, leaving behind the kind of expression that will captivate in small, basement-style venues going forward.

Likewise, "getitgotitgood" is a raw, earnest track that loads up on gravel and nostalgia to deliver a brilliant, saddened sing-along chorus that should raw the sad, emotive hearts over to this expression in no time. If this was written during the "Never Better" sessions and wasn't included, well, that just speaks volumes of how good of a record it was.

"Greek Wood" continues where the previous one left off through introspective, inward reeling lyrics that kick off the track: "Thought I was done with all the sad songs / Thought you were done tearing my broken heart apart". Yes, we're knee-deep in emotional charge, but the scratchy vocals are delivered with a tight, solid punk rock backing that highlights why Burnt Tapes just have that special something many other bands are missing. Here's to hoping for more soaring melodies like this one on an eventual sophomore album.


Download: "Dynasty, Die With Me"; Greek Wood
For the fans of: Polar Bear Club, Gnarwolves, Half Hearted Hero, Pentimento, Iron Chic
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Release date 04.09.2020
Lockjaw Records

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