Serious Issues

Written by: PP on 26/03/2021 22:38:02

DeeCRACKS have so many records, singles, EPs, and whatnot out that it's hard to keep track of how many they've released, but from what I can gather, "Serious Issues" is the Austrians' fifth full-length overall. They play a brand of no-frills pop punk that takes its cues from street punk and Rancid style rowdiness while throwing in booze-laden sing-alongs and basement style circle pits for good measure. It features raspy, throaty vocals and driving, rock'n'roll laced punk rock sound that contains zero degrees of bullshit, countered by boiling temperatures of a party vibe and hints of Masked Intruder style romanticism blended into a whiskey-drenched delivery.

Indeed, packing sixteen songs into just twenty-nine minutes, the Austrian bunch mostly race through their songs as if they were Teenage Bottlerocket. It's upbeat, infectiously catchy, yet with a rowdy edge that makes them stand out from the competition. These are party songs, but with a twist: "A Reason" could've been on a Rancid record, whereas "We Can't Help It" is an instant sing-along, while "Not Today" takes us to murky, hardcore-rooted rock'n'roll and gives us a breather from their standard no-frills punk platform.

Elsewhere, Ramones-core dominates, with super-catchy tracks like "The Samurai Challenge" or the mid-tempo "Lost In The Middle" grabbing your attention right away. That said, it's pretty obvious that cutting the record by about six tracks would make this way more impactful than it is in its current form. There are loads of strong tracks here, but not everyone is a winner, as they might say. Still, "Serious Issues" carries itself with pride: it's infectiously catchy, full of party vibes, and will be a blast to experience live.


Download: We Can't Help It, The Samurai Challenge, A Reason, Don't Throw It Away
For the fans of: Teenage Bottlerocket, Ramones, Rancid, The Queers, Masked Intruder,
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Release date 12.03.2021
Pirates Press Records

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