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Written by: AP on 07/02/2008 21:01:53

I\'ve said it before and I\'ll say it again: Denmark doesn\'t have much to offer on a national scale when it comes to metal. At best, at any given moment in time, there are no more than ten names that everyone can put a face on, and even fewer truly distinguish themselves. The majority of these bands, both known and unknown, tend to settle in what I regard as the most generic of the metal subgenres, that which simply cannot be tagged with anything more complex than mere metal. Mevadio used to stomp those grounds too, but after a hiatus of sorts, the band\'s new outing \"Fresh Kill Daily\" aims to escape the trench and explore other landscapes.

But it stalls in climbing up from that trench. While considerably more enjoyable than the debut, the misfortune of \"Fresh Kill Daily\" resides in Mevadio\'s unwillingness to fulfill their potential. The band settles for droning along with an album that\'s decent and listenable but lacking character of its own. One listens to tracks like \"The Propaganda\" and \"Necessary Kills\" with an eager ear only to find those sentiments evaporated a few minutes later. I mean, most songs on this album are good, solid tracks, it\'s just impossible to identify what couldn\'t have been done better (or) by some other band. In a sense, Mevadio seems to struggle with an identity crisis similar to that of The Arcane Order two years ago.

Tue Madsen\'s production ensures a densely packed, crystal clear sound, and the musicianship is in place, too. So what the fuck is up? The album just doesn\'t cling onto me on any level. I wouldn\'t turn it off if it shuffled on my media player, but I wouldn\'t seek the songs manually. Perhaps Mevadio\'s intention with \"Fresh Kill Daily\" is to experiment with their capabilities in order to discover their own, distinct sound, in which case they\'ll release something colossal in a year or two, tracing the footsteps of The Arcane Order. With the band\'s undeniable potential, this should be a realistic prognosis.


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For the fans of: Mnemic, Raunchy, Soilwork

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Release date 28.01.2008

Mighty Music

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