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Nothing Is Good

Written by: PP on 24/05/2021 18:34:27

A Danish hardcore supergroup. That's how you could classify Rot Away from Copenhagen, considering their lineup consists of members with experience from Scarred By Beauty, Hatesphere, Hexis, Northern Blues, and Woes. It's no wonder their debut album "Nothing Is Good" sounds as raucous as it does: Jonathan Albrechtsen's ability to submerge his growl into guttural depths while simultaneously able to maintain a decipherable brawl is nothing short of brilliant throughout the record.

Indeed, Rot Away's expression is one of venom and vitriol, a high-speed freight train headed right in between your eyes with a level of urgency and immediacy seldom heard within Danish hardcore. It's a brutalized, blackened take on hardcore that masterfully navigates around the usual mistakes too many hardcore bands in the Danish scene have: your ears are torn apart with convincing rigour, but not at the cost of songwriting.

Take a track like "Hang Low" which displays hardcore in international class. It's a bruising cut that echoes Terror-style animosity combined with Scandinavian blackened coldness in the vein of Hexis and The Psyke Project. Throw in a two-steppable d-beat and you've got a venue-demolishing weapon in your hands - dare I even call it catchy?

This down-trodden, beatdown-laden style contrasted between the testosterone-laden, muscular murder immediately makes Rot Away stand out amongst their peers, but much credit must be allocated for Albrechtsen's utterly charismatic and dominant growl. Standout cuts like "Bad Way", "Deadfriends" and the ambient, atmospheric buildup in "Graves" (here especially sourcing from Hexis) work precisely because you feel like he's tearing his way out of your headphones on every bark or growl. This, my friends, is how blackened hardcore is supposed to sound like.


Download: Hang Low, Bad Way, Deadfriends, Graves
For the fans of: Terror, Trap Them, Hexis
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Release date 13.08.2021
Last Mile Records

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